Meet honey lips, the latest lip trend to take over your TikTok feeds

All of the glossy glow, none of the sticky mess…

Beauty Content Assistant / September 06 2023

Honey Lips Trend

The latest trend to emerge (out of the kitchen, of course) is ‘honey lips’. Mildly misleading, the name won’t actually have you rummaging through the pantry for a bottle of honey (save it for Pooh Bear instead). This trend will have your lips looking golden and deliciously glossy (hence the name).

How to nail the look

Start by making sure your lips are exfoliated (no dry patches here) with a smoothing tool like the Glam by Manicare Silicon Lip Brush ($9.99 at Manicare). 

Next, find your fave golden shimmery eyeshadow (yes, eyeshadow). M.A.C Cosmetics Eye Shadow in ‘If It Ain’t Baroque’ ($33 at MAC Cosmetics) works perfectly. Then line your lips with any neutral liner you’ve undoubtedly got floating in your makeup bag, one of our faves is the Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lip Liner ($29 at Adore Beauty). 

Lastly, slather those lips in your favourite oil or gloss for out-of-this world shine. Gisou’s newest Lip Oil ($45 at MECCA)  is actually infused with honey - a match made in heaven perhaps? Or the nourishing Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in the aptly named ‘Honey’ shade ($45 at The Iconic) will also work a (literal) treat.

And voila! You’ve just nailed the latest trend taking over your feeds.

Main Image Cred: @evalarosaxo

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