Hold up! There’s a more effective way to apply mascara for lifted lashes

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IT Cosmetics' Shannon Pirie gave us the top tip

InStyle Beauty Editor / October 10 2018

Applying mascara is fairly simple, a couple of flicks and blinks and you’re done, right? Well, maybe not. According to Shannon Pirie the Vice President of Global Education at IT Cosmetics – yes, the brand that’s garnered such a cult status Sephora can’t restock its shelves quick enough – we’re applying mascara all wrong. 

Recently, Pirie travelled from the United States to Australia where InStyle got a chance to pick her brain for her best make-up application tips, including how to get the most from your mascara

Pirie explained: “You know how you when you get a blow dry they go the opposite direction because that creates lift and volume? Apply that same theory to your lashes.” 

She continued: “Put your head back, get [the mascara wand] to the root and think of a wave and how a wave builds and crashes down. It will literally throw your lashes forward. It’s bananas–it will completely lift your lashes!”

If you didn’t quite get that, remember it’s all in the wrist. Start with the wand at the root of your lashes (like you normally would) and instead of flicking the wand out and up, lift the wand upwards, over then down in an upside down ‘U’ shape.

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