3 ways to build a bespoke Valentine’s Day celebration, tailored to your partner’s love language (or your own)

Because individuality is in

Editor / February 23 2024

Let us take a wild guess at the imagery your mind conjures upon reading the words ‘Valentine’s Day?’ A cheesy stuffed bear, perhaps holding a heart adorned with a phrase akin to ‘Be Mine’? Maybe a box of chocolates you don’t have the heart to tell them you don’t really care for? Essentially, we’d guess you’re picturing an array of objects that are both almost offensively impersonal and come February 15, rather useless.

The effort is there, sure, but the individuality often isn’t. So what if instead of passing on a present solely for the sake of it, you took the time to consider and tailor your expression of love? We’ve put together the ultimate guide to building out a bespoke Valentine’s Day celebration – all you have to do is apply our advice to your person/people/self.

Because if we’re honest, the only cheese we want involved in the occasion is the type served with wine…

#1: Replace cliches with individuality

You want your expression of love (whether it be a gift in physical form or not; more on that in a minute) to serve the receiver. Cliches aren’t a friend to anyone when it comes to expressing affection – nothing creates intimacy in a relationship like highlighting how innately and deeply you understand your partner, so creating an experience tailored to them is key.

It's worth noting, however, that you may feel like Valentine’s Day as a celebration isn’t tailored to you. While it can often appear that the day is marketed as a ‘straight’ occasion (damn you, heterosexual gift card cliches), it’s all about expressing love, something that couldn’t be more universal. Again, individuality is in, so don’t you dare let any irresponsible marketing make you feel like you can’t shout about your love story from the rooftops.

The same goes for reclaiming the day if you’re in your single era, identify as asexual or aromantic, or anything of the like – we can’t think of anyone more deserving of a little appreciation than you, and sometimes the best kind stems from celebrating yourself.

#2: Tailor to your partner’s love language (or your own)

In order to make a loved one (including yourself) feel truly seen, it’s important to fit your showing of affection to their love language. First, take note of which they identify with –receiving gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, or quality time.

Say their love language is words of affirmation – a card may actually go further than a gift for gift’s sake, unless the gift is a box filled with hand-written notes disclosing things you appreciate and adore about them.

If quality time is their priority, attending a concert together or taking a trip could be ideal. Physical touch? An at-home massage from their partner over a professional would work a treat. Or in the case they most appreciate acts of service, aa homemade meal that takes the guesswork out of the evening is a great idea.

If they value receiving gifts, you might think you have the easiest option – but make sure to tailor your present to your person, showcasing the thought you put into the gift while proving how well you know them. Our advice? Have flowers they’ve mentioned bring them joy hand-delivered to their workplace or nab that luxury fragrance they’ve been eyeing up for months now (and haven’t stopped talking about).

Some people may have multiple love languages ring true for them, too – for example, if they enjoy quality time and the thoughtfulness that goes into gifts, said beautiful fragrance (that will forevermore spark sensory recollections of a great occasion spent together) would be impossible to beat.

We advise selecting a scent as beautifully complex as your partner (or again, yourself), and no fragrance fits the bill like Coach Love Eau De Parfum ($178 at Myer). Inspired by all the ways we express love, to ourselves and each other, it’s a dynamic scent with diverse layers of rich velvet rose, juicy mandarin, and sensual cedarwood, housed in a rich red bottle that couldn’t be more romantic if it tried.

Coach Love EDP

#3: Carve out lasting memories

Valentine’s Day should be treated as a true celebration of your relationship, and one to remember at that. Think of it as an opportunity to create lasting, loving memories that you’ll look back on fondly throughout your years – it might be the meal you made (whether successful or not) that provides either nourishment or belly laughs every time it crosses your plate/mind. Or it could be a memory built around the most powerful sense of all: smell. A stunning fragrance is not only an incredibly romantic gift, but it actually ties into a multitude of love languages.

For quality time, it reminds loved ones of occasions you spent together while wearing it. For acts of service, it takes ‘find my signature scent’ off their to-do list. For physical touch, it heightens the sensuality or comfort of closeness. For words of affirmation, it invites an explanation of what it was about said scent that reminded you so sweetly of them. And well, we shouldn’t have to tell you why a gift-lover would love a premium perfume. Have you seen the Coach Love bottle?! It offers an expression of adoration and appreciation that’s simply second to none.

The fragrance also features so many fragrant surprises that you’ll even be able to discover new elements (and memories) with every wear . Pink pepper leaves and juicy strawberry might colour your initial impression (and what an impression it’ll be), while the second, third or fourth wears may open your eyes (or rather your olfactory organs) to the hints of Indian sambac jasmine or enveloping amber that build out the blend.

It's a gift (and memory capsule) that’s bound to become beautifully comforting and continuously exciting all at once – just like any great relationship.

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