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Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / January 09 2017

Whether you’re someone that likes to go for professional manicures or DIY at home, it can be really disappointing when your mani gets ruined before you’re due for your next pamper session. Your nail colour could chip, you could find yourself with a painful hangnail, or (gasp!) your gel or acrylic nail doesn’t last for the time expected. We spoke with Monika Carvalho, owner of The Nail Lab, for her best advice to solve the most common nail issues.


If you’ve got peeling nails

Peeling layers of your nail could be signs that you’ve been getting too many gel or acylic nails, or that they’ve been through a little too much trauma. “Use a cuticle oil twice daily to nourish your nail beds and promote blood flow,” explains Carvalho. “Or if you’re in between manis, use a nail strengthener twice weekly to assist in keeping your layers in tact.” Try The Nail Lab Hydrate Cuticle Oil.


If you’ve got a hangnail

When your skin is peeling around your nail beds, it can make the area really sore and tender. Want to reverse the problem? “Hydrate hydrate hydrate!,” recommends Carvalho. “Keeping the affected area super hydrated with a cuticle oil or hand lotion will help to soften and heal it. Otherwise, visit your professional nail technician for fast, effective removal. Keeping your cuticles and nails hydrated will help prevent re-occurrence.”


If you’ve got gel nail polish that’s peeling off

Over time, it’s not entirely uncommon for gel polish to start to peel away from your natural nail. While it may be satisfying to peel it off, Carvalho suggests otherwise. “There's no quick fix here, visit your nail salon for professional removal and don't attempt to peel it off yourself as you could peel off layers of your natural nail.”


If you’ve got a snapped acrylic nail

Accidentally snapped your nail? Ouch! Go see an expert quick smart. “Some fixes are best left to the pros,” says Carvalho. “The sooner the better to avoid excessive damage to the natural nail.”


If you’ve got chipped nail polish

There’s nothing more disappointing than taking the time to carefully paint your nails, only to have the colour chip within a few hours -even within a few days is frustrating. Here’s how to fix it: “Depending on the severity of the chip, you can either do a small touch-up with the lacquer colour and then add another layer of top coat,” says Cavalho, “or, if it's really bad - remove and start again!” Try CHANEL Le Top Coat Quick Dry and Shine.

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