Get Gigi Hadid’s rock hard abs

Her personal trainer spills all

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / July 15 2016

It takes much more than a pretty face to land gigs with Versace and Victoria’s Secret - just ask Gigi Hadid, who has graced everything from runways to magazine covers and ad campaigns, all in the last five years. Besides her undeniable beauty, another reason for her success is her incredible body - that she has to work hard to achieve, mind you. And while we already know that boxing can whip your body into shape quick fast, we’re now extra inspired to add it into our exercise routine after reading an interview in Vogue US with Gigi’s trainer, Rob Piela of Gotham Gym in New York, who spilled the beans on how boxing is behind the model’s killer abs.

Here’s Piela’s exercise routine for Gigi Hadid:


Get warm

To get your blood pumping and your muscles warm, start with 10 minutes of boxing.


Sit up

Next, lie on your back, and do 40 sit-ups.


Box it out

Get your heart racing with another 10 minutes of boxing.

It’s all about how hard you work and how much you put in—Gigi is a hard worker. Staying fit is all about consistency, so don’t miss workout days and don’t get lazy in the winter.
Rob Piela
Gotham Gym


Crunch time

Lie on your back once again, and do 40 bicycle crunches by holding your hands behind your head, and twisting your body so that your left elbow touches your right knee, and vice versa.


Sweat some more

Go another round of boxing for 10 minutes.


Hold the pose

Get back on the floor and hold a plank to target your core muscles, and hold the position for 60 seconds.


Finish off strong

Lie flat on your back with your legs extended all the way out, and raise each one until they reach 45 degrees from the ground. When one leg reaches this angle, lower it back down and at the same time raise the other leg. Do this for four sets of 25 leg raises per leg.

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