5 ways to smell like a dream at all times

Heavenly aromas from top to toe

Editor / September 28 2023

In our book, the single greatest compliment one can be given is ‘wow, you always smell amazing’. We can barely control our gleeful smiles just typing it.

However, earning said status (sadly) isn’t as simple as spritzing your perfume in the morning and hoping for the best. There’s a whole lot more to making sure your aroma is amazing all the time.

Luckily, we have just the scent strategy to help you lock in the aforementioned rave review, - here are our five top tricks for smelling like a dream all day, every day…

1: Extend fragrance longevity with ‘perfume primer’

Just the way foundation lasts longer when applied over a primer, fragrance performs best when it has something to grip onto. By first applying an oil-based moisturiser or balm (even petroleum jelly will work) over the areas you plan to spritz your perfume, you’ll be able to lock your scent in for longer, and maximise its power. The further each spray goes, the less you’ll need to apply, so you’ll also be able to keep your signature scent for longer than ever with this handy hack.

2: Get your strands their own scent

Hair obviously smells pretty incredible straight after a shampoo, but what about a few days later? Keep your strands smelling sweet (or woody, spicy, etc.) by nabbing a perfume specifically designed for them. Formulated with less alcohol than regular fragrances, hair perfumes will be kinder on hair health while imparting a dreamy scent that’ll wash over senses with every hair flip. If you don’t want to spritz directly, coat your hairbrush in your strands’ signature scent and leave it to work its magic as you brush.

3: Carry a breath refresher

Getting your caffeine fix is fair game, but while coffee notes in fragrance can be stunning, coffee breath tends to be quite the opposite. To ensure your breath stays as delightful as the rest of your aroma, pop a mini breath spray into your bag to keep on you during the day. Nixing bacteria and iffy odours in a single spritz, it’s the perfect strategy for keeping bad breath at bay.

4: Try sweat-absorbing shoe spray

There’s something about the combo of sweaty feet and shoes that leads to a scent we’d definitely file under ‘less than ideal’. Luckily, your feet can have a fragrance, too, to keep them smelling fresh, even in the sweatiest of circumstances. A handy shoe spray is a great ally in the fight against foot odour – simply mist over your favourite pair of shoes (you’ll see the biggest benefits with enclosed ones, as these often carry the most sweat/odour). Talk about smelling good from head to toe.

5: Utilise odour-protection products

Light bladder leakage is simply a part of life – but the scent that sometimes comes along as its pesky plus one doesn’t have to be. Stay dry and control any associated smells by utilising an odour-protecting product. Poise Advanced Odour Control Liners with Charcoal ($6.40 at Woolworths) provide the brand’s trusted dryness and comfort while also offering dual-layer odour protection (that reduces up to 95 per cent of odour compared to using no liner), thanks to the addition of charcoal, a powerful odour-absorbent. If you’re after discreet protection (and another way to keep passersby smelling your signature scent rather than any bladder-related body odour), they’re an absolute game-changer.

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