Ita Buttrose shares her no-fail skin care routine

Ita Buttrose Interview

Plus, she reveals how her beauty attitude has changed over the years

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / March 16 2018

Ita Buttrose is a pioneer in the world of publishing. Over the course of her illustrious career she’s been the editor of CLEO and The Australian Women’s Weekly, as well as the first female editor of a major metropolitan newspaper in Australia (The Daily Telegraph). And that’s only the tip of her very large and very accomplished career iceberg! 

She is a legend in our industry, which is why we jumped at the opportunity to sit down with the current Studio 10 host and Priceline Sister and talk all things beauty (the woman is ageless and we wanted in on her secrets!). Read on to discover why her partnership with Priceline Pharmacy is so important and learn a thing or two about her beauty hits, misses and regrets.

On why she became a Priceline Sister…

“The founding aim of the Priceline Pharmacy Sisterhood Foundation is to help women and children – but mainly women – who need a helping hand. And thats been my whole life, trying to help women. So, with the five charities we support (Panda, Dementia Australia, Here to Listen, Children First and Look Good, Feel Better) I really like the fact that were putting something back into the community and that really has been something that Ive done all my life. I was raised that way by my mother and it’s work that Ive continued and I think its good to be able to help people if you can.”

On how her beauty attitude has changed over the years…

“I think you can do a lot more now than you once did. Men are embracing beauty and skin care in a big way. That’s good because they have been very neglectful of their skin. But there are so many more products around now; really there is no excuse for any of us not to have beautiful skin and beautiful hair and wonderful colour. I mean, there are so many choices.”

One the beauty mistakes she regrets…

“Oh gosh, Im sure I have. I try to not think about anything I might have done wrong, but sometimes you think you look wonderful and then you take a good look at yourself and you think what was I thinking?. I think weve all had those moments.”

On her skin care routine…

“I have a facial once a month: I go to Zen Spa in Darlinghurst and then I go to Ella Baché. I always take my makeup off at night. I make sure I get all of my eye makeup off because I have quite a lot on when I finish in Studio 10. It’s very heavy – eyelashes – all of that. It takes a while to get it off properly, [but] I make sure it’s all off. I always moisturise at nighttime. I use a sunblock when I go out. I don’t wear a lot of makeup really, I wear light makeup: I wear moisturiser and foundation and then I do like mascara – I do like eyes.”

On her favourite mascara…

“I use Clinique High Impact Mascara. What I like about it is it doesnt clump your eyelashes so when you put it on they dont get all spiky.”

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