Margot Robbie rates Jacob Elordi’s bath water candle and here’s why

‘Saltburn’ strikes again

Content Producer / January 11 2024

Saltburn is the gift that just keeps on giving. Sure it might’ve come out months ago now but the dark comedy come thriller just keeps on giving us more ‘watercooler chat’ by the day. But what does this have to do with the Golden Globes red carpet (aside from the nominations of course)? Well, here we were thinking that we’ve seen it all. That we’re completely across all the haps from the red carpet. But boy were we wrong. The scandalous, nauseating and now infamous bathtub scene (with a subtle 20 million TikTok tags) has made its way into *checks notes* yep, a candle… 

And while Jacob Elordi himself may not have been present at the awards show, we guess that his spirit’ made an appearance… Now if you’ve yet to see the encapsulating, enthralling and downright disturbed film we need you to know… This candle is NOT going to smell like your regular bathwater. No whiffs of lavender, and certainly no nostalgic sweet bubbly scents here. 

No, we wish for the days of strawberry bubbles. This deranged scene shows Elordi’s character enjoying (shall we say) himself in a bath, that later Oliver (played by Barry Keoghan) takes a *gag* slurp on… So how did this all end up on the Golden Globes red carpet? 

Well, we’re not entirely sure where Margot Robbie managed to fit her Saltburn producing duties in between Barbie filming and press tours but she somehow managed to smash yet another project out of the park. And wearing said producer hat makes her an authority on all things Saltburn-bath-scene. So when Robbie was presented with that Jacob Elordi Bathwater candle, she (almost too eagerly) took a big whiff and confirmed that it “smells just like Jacob Elordi’s bathwater”. 

With a myriad of stars being presented the candle to sniff (thanks Entertainment Tonight) all seemed to agree on one thing. It smells pretty dang good. Rosamund Pike may have continued her maternal duties, declining to smell her (film) son’s bathwater, and that’s understandable. IYKYK Keoghan had already experienced it, with his comments being “It’s lovely, smells good” and “it smells like Jacob”. So there we have it. If you’re wanting a little more Elordi in your life, just simply head  to Etsy (the best-sellers are around $40) and pick up one of the (now many) Saltburn bathwater-scented candles to scratch that proverbial itch. 

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