Jade Thirlwall just called out the makeover montage from ‘The Princess Diaries’


Digital Beauty Editor / April 12 2021

The makeover montage from The Princess Diaries has to be one of the most iconic scenes in all of 2000s rom-com land (and honestly, that’s saying something, it was an age of immaculate films).

As legendary as it was, however, it was also a tad problematic. And Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall is here to point it out, in meme form. because well, it's 2021.

The singer took to an Instagram carousel to share an illustration designed by @cassandracalin. The picture showcased a young girl with curly hair and glasses watching the scene and taking in that it was only after her curls were straightened and her glasses swapped for contacts that she was 'beautiful'. Not exactly an inclusive message, huh?

As anyone with curls or glasses would remember, when Mia Thermopolis 'broke Paolo's brush', Paolo broke our self-confidence by indicating that conforming to traditional Hollywood-manufactured beauty standards was the only acceptable option.

Fans definitely agreed with Thirlwall's commentary, with followers commenting everything from "she looked fine before. damn 'makeover' montages" to "Literally me with my poofy curly hair and glasses wondering why they thought she wasn't pretty before!".

Thirlwall, who also has gorgeous natural curls, could evidently relate. She, however, proves time and time again that full, natural texture is in fact ridiculously gorgeous; girl's got a glorious head of hair.


Thirlwall definitely isn’t against a smooth blow-wave, though – she’s constantly experimenting with her look, rocking sleek straight strands, her gorgeous God-given texture and everything in between on different occasions.

She’s simply not here for being told by society that getting said blow-wave is the only way to feel/look/be beautiful.

Because it isn't. And we hope that wherever she is (Genovia, what's good?) Mia Thermopolis knows that.

Main image credit: @jadethirlwall

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