The jellyfish bob is making the butterfly cut look like childsplay

Bi-level layers are taking over TikTok

Digital Beauty Editor / February 15 2023

You know how when you'd ask your hairdresser for layers, the keywords you'd generally use would be 'smooth' and 'gradual'? And how if they spun the chair around to reveal one layer cut at ear-length and the remainder of your hair hanging as it was, you'd probably combust into a crying puddle? Apparently those days are over.

The latest 'animal-inspired' haircut has hit the scene (the scene being social media, of course), and it's an, erm, bold one. Following in the footsteps of the octopus shag (a modern take on the mullet) and the butterfly cut (a way to work both long and short layers into one cut while still remaining somewhat smooth), the 'jellyfish cut' is the current cut to watch.

While the jellyfish-inspired chop takes its inspo from said butterfly layering, it does away with any need for a gradual layer blend. Instead, the sharper and more glaringly obvious the difference, the better.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s not open to interpretation. Take Lily Collins, for example, who adapted the style to look a bit more wearable; lingering in a safe space between the jellyfish cut and a curtain fringe.

Still confused about the style? Say no more…

What is the jellyfish haircut?

It's worth noting that while the jellyfish aesthetic is the new kid on the block, it's actually an homage to the 'hime' cut, hailing from Japan. Said style features a similar contrasting cut with long tendrils stemming out from beneath a blunt bob. The most notable differences between the two? The layer lengths and the fringe factor.

Though a hime cut is traditionally paired with blocky bangs that leave the top layer looking a little more anchored, the jellyfish chop is often worn without. The length of the bob layer is also generally a little shorter in a hime cut, acting as a longer 'fringe' layer, whereas many content creators are showing off jellyfish bob shapes that curve in around or just above their chins.

The jellyfish gang are choosing to go a little more colourful, too; okay, a lot more colourful. Why let your bi-level layers carry the quirky load of your cut all themselves when you can play with shades as well as shape? Work statement shades through your natural one, dip-dye the ends of both sections to highlight the difference even more, or colour your 'bell shape body' an entirely different shade to your 'tentacles' for maximum impact.




So will we be running out to sample the style? Perhaps not. But do we enjoy seeing jellyfish take over TikTok? Sure; creative cuts are always a good time to gawk at.

Main image credit: @yulingwu

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