Jenna Dewan shared a quick and easy tutorial for beachy waves

Jenna Dewan's trick for easy beachy waves

And it takes less than five minutes

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / June 12 2018

Jenna Dewan’s signature tousled locks give us major short hair envy on the daily. In fact, she is asked about her amazing hair so much that she decided to make an entire step-by-step video tutorial on how she achieves her everyday natural-looking windswept hairstyle.

While we would need to get a loan from the bank to copy her high-end skin care routine (watch her extensive rundown of what she uses here), her hair routine seems to be refreshingly low maintenance. “I have two go-to looks that are super quick and easy: I love beachy, air-dried waves for daytime, and a sleeker, straightened look for night. On my days off, what I really like is to just have something really simple and easy to do.”

And she’s not kidding about the simple part. You seriously couldn’t mess it up.

But before we get into her hairstyle tutorial, a couple of weeks ago Jenna shared her hair prep routine, which you’ll need to know before you begin. Some of her everyday staples include Kristin Ess Leave-In Conditioner, which she applies to wet hair, and Ouai Wave Spray, which she uses to bring out her natural waves. She also swears by Kristin Ess Sea Salt Spray Air Dry Spray to give those waves extra oomph.

"Sometimes I use one of these, sometimes all of them, sometimes I use two or three of them, but these are [the] main products I go to," she says. While we can’t get Kristin Ess products in Australia yet, if you have a friend going to the States, get them to bring you back ALL of the Kristin Ess products.

Now we have the prep down pat, let’s discuss this blessing of a tutorial. First off, Jenna lets her hair air-dry (she hasn’t used a hairdryer in five years!) before reaching for her ghd Classic Flat Iron (we can’t get this exact flat iron in Australia, but you can find a similar one here). “Most of the time I like a tousled, textured hair look so I take the combination of a flat iron and this sort of like, haircurler wand thing.”

“The first thing I do is I take the flat iron and because my hair can get a little bit wide and flip out, [I start] from the middle down (this is a trick Jen Atkin taught me).” From the mid-lengths, she runs the flat iron down to the ends, taking the weight and volume out of the bottom of her hair, “I just kind of flat iron and blunt the ends down so you get that sleeker look.”

Then she lets a nifty hair tool called the Whirl Trio Styling Wand work its magic. “I take pieces from the top and I curl it one way and then I curl it the other way, but I always leave the ends out,” she explains. “I always like to curl away from my face at the front because it’s more flattering.”

“Another little trick that I do, after I’ve done the bend, is that I kind of twist it with some serum.” What kind of serum? A special hair serum we’re totally lusting over. In her hair prep routine she shared that she uses Kristen Ess Weightless Shine Serum, saying “I use this every single day because my hair, from all the styling and product, dries and it kind of [takes] all the frizz away.”

And that is literally IT.

To gaze lovingly at her beautiful beachy ‘do, check out the entire clip below: 

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What do you think of Jenna’s everyday hair routine? Would you try it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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