The lowdown on Jennifer Aniston’s latest hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston’s New Hair 2020

It’s like The Rachel, but better

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / January 13 2020

There’s a reason why Jennifer Aniston’s ‘do is so covetable season after season, year after year: her hair looks are always so versatile and suit women of all ages, and she’s the perfect example of how to make fine hair look full and voluminous.

As for her latest look? It’s a hairstyle that emulates ‘The Rachel’ - you know, the medium length that’s cut with long layers - but with even shorter pieces around her face. “The beauty about this texture is that it requires a realness to it and is not over primped or glammed up,” says hairstylist Anthony Nader. “Her haircut varies in different short shapes as well, which is a bonus for those who get bored with the same old haircut every two to three months.” 

If you’re heading to your hairdresser with Jennifer’s headshot in tow, make sure you try and describe the look in words, too. Nader shares his wisdom: “the biggest tip I’d say is making sure that the length of the hair isn’t kept at one solid length all over. Keep some shorter quirky pieces cut throughout as this gives you the coolness you are wanting to achieve for the summer months ahead.” Noted.

Getting the cut is one thing, but keeping it looking edgy and fun at home is another. Here are the products you’ll need to get the look. 


#1 / A body-boosting foam, such as Davroe Body Volume Texture
“This kind of product will be your go-to,” says Nader. “Apply it on damp hair and don’t be so rigid or systematic about combing the product through evenly from roots to ends. Scrunch the product in with your hands as the result will give a ‘hit and miss’ with your texture so it appears more haphazard and natural.”

#2 / A hair serum, such as Balmain Paris Overnight Repair Serum
“My biggest secret is, when applying, to always use it on damp hair and then blow-dry in,” explains Nader. “By doing this, the serum will absorb entirely so there’s no greasy or dirty-looking strands. If you apply it onto dry hair, the serum will always sit on top of the cuticle. Think of this like when you apply your skin care products… they’ll always absorb far better on dewy clean skin compared to dry skin application.”

#3 / A diffuser, such as from a device like the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer
“[This is] my absolute Holy Grail for enhancing natural texture,” says Nader. “Attach [the diffuser] on the end of your hairdryer and use it in circular movements around your head until at least 80 per cent dry and you’re good to go.”

Davroe Body Volume Texture

Balmain Paris Overnight Repair Serum

Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer

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Would you try Jennifer Aniston’s haircut this season? Why or why not? Tell us in the comments below. 

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