Jesinta Campbell’s clever DIY skin tricks

The model and Olay ambassador shares her at-home hacks

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

Being the face of skin care brand Olay means that Jesinta Campbell knows what it takes to have great skin. And when Beauty Crew sat down with Jesinta to discover her beauty secrets, she not only revealed her favourite skin care products, but she let slip the simple DIY treatments she relies on, in conjunction with her routine, to ensure her skin is always in top shape. 

#1 / A home-made mask

Sometimes the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard can be just as powerful as the ones found in your skin care products, and Jesinta certainly seems to be on board with utilising her food ingredients for more than just sustenance. 

“I try and do a mask once a week,” she said. “There is a really good turmeric and honey one you can make. They’re really full of antioxidants and reduce inflammation.” 

And she’s not wrong. Tumeric has been shown to have multiple beauty benefits, but when it comes to skin, it can help treat acne due to its antibacterial properties and combat oily skin by controlling sebum production. Honey is also really great for acne-prone skin, and is incredibly nourishing. 

If you want to try Jesinta's DIY mask at home, but you’re worried that the bright yellow powder will stain your skin, fear not. You should only be using a small amount of it compared to the honey, so it shouldn’t colour your skin. If it does, follow your mask with a gentle exfoliation. 

#2 / A DIY steam

When I’m really tired and I’ve had a long day, I’ll put the kettle on and I’ll heat up the flannels. I’ll wait for them to cool down a bit and I’ll just lay them on my face and it’s the best feeling,” Jesinta told Beauty Crew. 

Besides being a great way to decompress and relax after a long day, this clever trick is actually also a great way to open up your pores to prepare your skin for a nourishing mask and will allow the ingredients to be absorbed better. If you want to take your at-home steam to the next level, you can throw some essential oils into the mix.

Image credit: @jesinta_campbell

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