Jen Atkin taught Jessica Alba how to cut her kids hair during quarantine

And the results are pretty impressive

BEAUTYcrew Content Producer / May 20 2020

Jessica Alba is somewhat of a renaissance woman with a litany of occupations; actor, dancer, entrepreneur and mother, to name a few.

And after a crash course in cutting hair over FaceTime with pal and celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin, she can now add hairdresser to that list.

You see, her eldest daughter Honor was in desperate need of a haircut for her school photos during quarantine, so, naturally, Jessica decided to take on the job herself – and thankfully for us, she filmed the entire process for her YouTube channel.

Even with Jen giving her step-by-step instructions, Jessica is quickly met with the realities of cutting children’s hair.

“I bow down to hairdressers. I mean this really is not easy at all – especially with impatient kids (who are not trying to sit still),” she said, while first attempting a trim on younger daughter Haven’s hair.

We were also alerted to the dangers of working closely with scissors, “[they] are very sharp – I had no idea. I cut myself several times,” said Jessica, before pointing out the cuts on her hand (now covered in band aids), “this one keeps bleeding.”

Up next is eldest daughter Honor who needs her hair cut and styled for her graduation photo – no pressure right? “I trimmed her hair, blended it, gave her little layers,” said Jess.

She followed this up with a quick style, prepping the hair with a conditioning spray, wave spray and a heat protectant. 

“I’m going to use this Dyson dryer,” said Jess, as she pulls out a round brush to blow dry Honor’s hair in sections, before using a curling iron to create loose waves.

Honor, who seems to be pretty impressed with her mum’s handiwork, gives us a peek at the final look: “I really like it because it has layers,” she said.

Very proud of herself, Jessica beams at the camera, “it was a very productive day”.

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Main image credit: @jessicaalba

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