Jessica Alba shares the secrets to her enviable hair

And her go-to five minute hairstyle

Contributor / May 25 2017

Have you ever wondered how Jessica Alba always manages to nail the effortless beach wave vibe that you can never seem to perfect no matter how many hair tutorials you watch? Well it’s time to press exit on YouTube, because we’ve finally got the answer. The super mum, businesswomen (she’s the founder of Honest Beauty), and talented actress shared her best-kept hair secrets with Refinery29, and we were all ears.

 Here’s what we learnt:

#1 / She’s all for practicality

You would think an A-lister like Jessica who always manages to looks polished and chic, would spend hours with her glam team working on her everyday hairstyle. But we were so wrong. Turns out, her daily ‘do takes only about five minutes (see #2 for her go-to hairstyle). Talk about speedy!

#2 / She doesn’t use a hair dryer

Jessica explained that she lets her hair dry naturally with the help of some products. “I go to work with my hair wet every day, and I put sea salt spray in my roots. Then, I put conditioning milk on my ends, and I twist my hair into five sections, like a corkscrew, and that’s just what my hair does after.”

#3 / She knows how to properly layer hair products

Jessica’s hairstylist Jennifer Yepez has taught her some of the best beauty tricks in the business, including how to layer styling products without them effecting the hairs’ stiffness. She explains, “start out with a volumising spray, put a heat-protecting spray in, and blow that through your hair; then, after, if you do waves, you can then finish them off with a serum or a sea salt spray if you want more texture. I always thought you can only do one thing, maybe two. So she showed me how to layer.”

#4 / She’s a secret hairdresser herself

The Fantastic Four actress shared that she’s comfortable with playing hairdresser herself. “I can do hair, I can braid, I’ve given my kids their haircuts a few times.”

#5 / She’s a true Disney fan

When Jessica was asked if she could have anyone else’s hair, she surprisingly confessed “Does Princess Jasmine count?”

 If you weren’t already a fan, I’m sure you are now.


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Video credit: @simonourianmd1

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