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Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / May 25 2017

Want gorgeous, glowing skin? We’ve got both hands up for this one - sign us up, quick smart. While it’s important to follow a skincare regimen, it’s just as vital to rely on the magic hands of professionals for the right techniques like Shiatsu and Reiki that can bring blood to the skin’s surface and drain out toxins, resulting in a clearer-looking complexion.

And of course, it’s just as crucial to use the right products at home to prolong the effect of the treatment. We spoke to one of the best in the biz – Jocelyn Petroni – for her best facial tips for every skin concern, and what to use at home.

Your problem

Rough skin that almost feels like sandpaper

Your in-salon solution: Chemical peels have seriously come a long way since scorching your skin, and leaving it red and raw (although we must admit, the slight tingling sensation from a peel can be addictive). “A lactic peel can dissolve all traces of surface dry dead skin, leaving it feeling smooth and squeaky clean,” says Petroni. “This can also prepare the skin for optimal serum and mask absorption, which further smooths, plumps, hydrates and illuminates the surface.”

When you’re at home: Take the time to massage a facial scrub into your skin at least once a week. “Most people use their exfoliating product for half the length of time that the product should be used, so make sure you keep to the instructions,” continues Petroni.

Your problem

Lacklustre skin littered with pigmentation

Your in-salon solution: There’s no quick fix for this. “I recommend a course of vitamin A peels that help to fade pigment and make the skin glow. You’ll also need to apply a vitamin A serum every night for at least four weeks prior to your first treatment to prepare the skin properly.”

When you’re at home: Go for regular applications of topical pigment-fading ingredients, combined with peels such as fruit acid.

Your problem

Fine lines appearing around your eyes and mouth

Your in-salon solution: Regular facials are key to wrinkle-free skin. “We utilise a super-hydrating soak that plumps superficial dehydration lines,” says Petroni. “I don’t believe in eradicating wrinkles but facials combined with the right skin care can make your skin visibly healthy and radiant.”

When you’re at home: “For maximum results, follow with a rich moisture mask, and remove it with a warm face cloth after ten minutes.”

Your problem

Enlarged pores that look dirty

Your in-salon solution: Extractions may be slightly painful, but it’s worth the pain to get the gunk out. “Good extractions will remove hard oil from the pores on your face, making them less visible,” says Petroni. “Pores remain visible on the face because they don’t actually open and close, however extractions can lessen their visibility.”

When you’re at home: Here’s another solution to extractions. “Use a cleanser or serum that contains an oil-soluble fruit acid (like salicylic); it will help to dissolve oil that might otherwise block pores.”

Jocelyn’s toolkit

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