Jojo Siwa has a bald spot due to stress from Dance Moms

Did someone say childhood trauma?

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / July 29 2022

While most of us spent our youth participating in wholesome activities, Jojo Siwa was working her tiny a** off. 

The ex-Dance Moms cast member (and ponytail hairstyle inspiration to all) revealed via a recent TikTok video that all the pressure of dance competitions and reality TV took a toll on her.

In the video, Siwa can be seen stroking a bald patch behind her right ear. The words “when someone notices my bald spot and wonders what it's from,” flash above her head. The trending TikTok sound ‘I’m carrying your love with me’ plays in the background of a montage of the dancer as a child during her stint on Dance Moms.

“I figured I would just explain this,” said Siwa in a follow-up video after speculation the bald patch was a result of her signature ponytail. “If it was from my ponytails, considering it went on this side, it would be [on] this [side of my head], because this didn’t really get pulled at all.”

The real reason behind her hair loss? “When I was little I had a really bad stress rash right here on Dance Moms and I would pick at it all day long,” she explained. “I damaged every single hair follicle that has ever been right there. So now I’m ‘carrying her love with me’.”

You know what’s stressing us out? The breadcrumbing we’re experiencing at the hands of Glossier. Are they coming to Australia or not? 

Main image credit: @itsjojosiwa

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