Jonathan Van Ness’ new haircare brand sprouted from a lifelong love for hair

“It works better because I have that lived experience”

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / May 13 2022

Jonathan Van Ness rose to fame as the hair and beauty afficianado fifth of the Queer Eye reboot cast. And now, after serving as the face of skin care brand Biossance, he’s finally at the helm of his own hair care brand – JVN Hair. 

But don’t get it twisted, this isn’t just another celebrity endorsement; Van Ness has injected a lifetime of lived experience as a hairstylist into the self-titled brand.

“Before I ever became a celebrity, I was a hairstylist and I still am. I’m someone who’s incredibly passionate about hair care,” he explains to BEAUTYcrew.

“I’m not the face of this brand, I’m the founder of this brand. I’ve put all of my lived experiences into this brand,” Van Ness explains. 

Their commitment to the process is evident in the attention to formulation; the entire range is infused with an innovative ingredient called hemi-squalane that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to moisturise the hair from within. 

“We also employ amazing vegan ceramides, aloe leaf juice…so many different ingredients across all of our ranges,” says Van Ness, sharing that hemi-squalane is “just the tip of the iceberg.”

Why hemi-squalane? Well, the conception of JVN Hair was a result of Van Ness’ partnership with Biossance (JVN Hair’s sister brand). 

“Because of my relationship with Biossance I’ve been able to develop such a special relationship with our product formulators and learn so much about ingredient efficacy,” Van Ness explains. 

“I’ve always been someone who loved formulas but learning so much more about ingredients has led me to create this line.” 

But it hasn’t been a straightforward process to get to this point…

The journey to JVN Hair has taken a lifetime

“There’s so much that goes into hairstyling and that’s what I spent my entire adult life doing,” Van Ness explains. 

“I graduated hair school in December of 2006 and I still do hair now,” he went on to say. “Hair care has always been something that’s moved me and intrigued me, and it’s been the method that I’ve connected with people through.” 

But thanks to his role on Queer Eye he’s also had the opportunity to see things from both sides.

“I think because I’ve been behind the chair as a hair stylist and also in the chair as a client getting my hair done so often, being in the public eye, I have a really unique experience that I’ve put together into a haircare range that is more accessible.”  

And that’s the crux of the entire brand – providing ease in terms of accessibility and embracing your own beauty through products that celebrate your hair’s most natural form.

Because as far as JVN hair is concerned, you should just ‘Come As You Are’

“We want to celebrate and serve everyone’s beauty, just as they are,” says Van Ness. 

For the 35-year-old JVN Hair offers a unique opportunity to disrupt messaging around traditional beauty standards. 

“The beauty industry has said that if you do this one thing, if you ascribe to these certain things you’ll be more attractive, you’ll be more valuable,” explains Van Ness. “I want everyone to know that they are so valuable and so attractive and so beautiful just the way that they are.” 

“Whether that’s embracing your natural texture or totally changing your natural texture, I want you to know how to do that and be able to take care of yourself and your hair in the process, as well as the environment,” he went on to say.

“[JVN Hair is] all about inclusion, celebration and sustainability.”

JVN’s favourite hair trends ATM? Embrace what your mama gave you

“My favorite hair trend at the moment is texture,” says Van Ness. “Big hair; ‘90s hair is back.”

Whether that’s “kinks, coils, waves, or if your hair is naturally straight,” JVN wants you to work with what you got. 

“Embracing natural texture is my favorite. You know, whatever you want to do with your hair, do with your hair…live your best life.” 

His only caveat to this rule? Making sure to nourish hair, especially “if you bleach it to hell and it’s all damaged. You need to get some love in your life.” 

In layman’s terms? Reach for some hydrating hair care products.

As for things to try in winter? “Take that risk”

“I always think in the winter months it’s fabulous to go for that change that you’ve been wanting to go for,” explains Van Ness. “Whether that’s a shag or a wolf cut or fringe of some kind.” 

“I think in the summer it’s a bit riskier to try a fringe or try big haircuts because it’s hot and sweaty and gets more humid outside so it’s a little harder to style.”

Winter, on the other hand, offers the perfect opportunity to “take that risk” and switch up your cut or color. 

“Embrace that fringe, embrace that shag, or that lob or short bob and experiment,” Van Ness advises. “It’ll be an easier time with it not so hot outside.” 

Want to sample JVN Hair for yourself? The entire range is available exclusively at Sephora Australia

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