Karlie Kloss reveals the gua sha alternative she can't live without

A whole new take on the butterfly effect

Digital Beauty Editor / July 29 2020

With a covetable glow and cheekbones so sharp they could potentially be used as weapons, it's safe to say we follow where Karlie Kloss leads in the skin care department, especially when it comes to anything in the sculpting realm.

So, when she named a specific rose quartz contraption as one of the beauty products she couldn't live without, we were all ears (and soon to be all cheekbones) – particularly once we heard it when we heard it wasn't a traditional gua sha, but an entirely new take on the tool trend...

Image via: @voguegermany

Image via: @voguegermany

Image via: @voguegermany

Shaped like a butterfly, the crystal cut tool is a design by Kloss' facialist Georgia LouiseAnd while we must admit it was the definition-sharpening abilities that piqued our interest, it turns out Kloss (who is evidently already in possession of some pretty stellar bone structure) actually looks to the tool for what it offers in the skin-vigorating and de-puffing departments.

"I love my Georgia Louise Lift + Sculpt Butterfly Stone, which helps [to] de-puff and stimulate circulation around my face and neck," she told Harper's BAZAAR U.K. of her infatuation. "I find it makes such a noticeable difference, and is especially helpful when I’m heading to a shoot straight from the plane," she explained.

And yes, our plane-related plans are definitely limited right now, but hey, a little puff-reducing action is always welcome in our books. Considering the tool also works to smooth fine lines, drain excess fluid, and reduce stress (which is certainly in no shortage at the moment), it's undoubtedly a must-try.

As for where your massaging ritual should sit in your routine, there are a few options. Louise's advice? Go in with your tool post-serum or moisturiser application. "Always use on a clean face and apply a serum or cream to prevent the stone from dragging", she explains.

Kloss has a similar approach, with a slight twist; she likes to use the stone to enhance the absorption of excess serum from sheet masks. “I love to take the extra serum, either in the packet or that’s still on your face, and I love to use something like this [butterfly stone]. It’s this amazing tool to really massage and [aid absorption]," she revealed in an IGTV demonstration with Vogue Germany, labelling herself a "sucker" for a good sheet mask. Relatable.

FYI, if your skin runs reactive, try going in with a cool tool. "To help reduce puffiness, try placing the stone in the fridge for a cool massage experience," Louise advises.

Keen to take Kloss' lead and get into the butterfly game? Here's Louise's guide to mastering the technique.

Georgia Louise's guide to the butterfly technique

Step 1. Image via: @georgialouisesk

Step 2. Image via: @georgialouisesk

Step 3. Image via: @georgialouisesk

Step 1: "[Start on the] forehead, draining using top wings—you can do this 10 to 12 times. Then with the bottom wings drain and contour [around and across] the brows."

Step 2: "[Next, move the tool] under the eyes working towards the inner drains. Using the bottom wings, glide and contour under the eye. Hold [the tool, pressing into the inner corner of the eye] for more contouring and de-puffing."

Step 3: "[After eyes] is cheeks, using the top wings to lift the cheek, and glide and work up."

Step 4. Image via: @georgialouisesk

Step 5. Image via: @georgialouisesk

Step 6. Image via: @georgialouisesk

Step 4: "Working [from the] corner of mouth to [the] ear lobe, drain with the bottom of the rings to contour and [get rid of excess fluid]."

Step 5: "Using top wings, work along our chin and jaw starting on the chin [and] draining out towards the ear. You can also massage areas that feel congested."

Step 6: "Finish by bringing all the puffiness [and] all the toxins from the face down to the neck area using top wings. Drain down the neck [to complete the ritual]."

Main image credit: @karliekloss

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