Kate Upton's at-home workout looks so darn intense

"This is nuts"

August 12 2020

Given that she’s got one of the most sought after bodies in Hollywood, it makes sense that Kate Upton goes HAM in her home-workouts. The 28-year-old model (who, btw, is just a year postpartum) shared a butt-toning workout to Instagram over the weekend via her trainer Ben Bruno. And, honestly, just watching it is making us sweat with sympathy.

"This is nuts," Bruno wrote alongside the post. "Kate Upton crushed these single-leg RDLs with 80 pounds [36kg] on the bar. That's not a typo."

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Full disclosure: Kate makes Romanian deadlifts look like a damn breeze, but don’t be fooled the pair have been hitting the gym six days a week to whip her into shape. "[She] brings her best effort every day," Bruno continued the caption. "We follow simple progressive overload, and every time I give her the option to keep the weight the same or go up, she wants to go up. Do that consistently for a few years and you end up really, really strong."

For those not in the know, single-leg Romanian deadlifts are functional movements, meaning they build glute and hamstring strength and work the lower back while simultaneously challenging your balance (hello, core muscles.)

To get the most out of this exercise you need to focus on your form. Your shoulders should be back with your spine neutral and your standing leg slightly bent (imagine a straight line from your neck down to the heel of the leg that's kicked back.) Try syncing your breath to the movement to help you maintain control and stability.

Our recommendation? Aim for 2-3 sets of 4-6 reps on each side using only your bodyweight, then when you feel comfortable, reach for a dumbbell, kettlebell or a barbell (like Kate.)

“I love Kate’s attitude toward training and it’s really cool to see her progression over the years,” Bruno finished the post. “PS- she’s gonna be so sore from this I think…”

Keep crushing it, Kate!

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How are you keeping fit during lockdown? 

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