Kendall Jenner's 'flower lashes' are surprisingly easy to achieve

We're blooming obsessed

Digital Beauty Editor / April 25 2023

You know the saying 'do it for the 'gram'? We're pretty sure it was written about the divine look that is 'flower lashes'.

Because while a floral-adorned flutter is obviously the absolute furthest thing from practical (what with the whole vision-obstructing situation and all), there's no doubt they're off the charts on the pretty scale.

And so while Zoom calls, FaceTime chats and Insta stories remain our primary forms of interaction, we figure why not allow our beauty looks to jump the shark while they can? There's plenty of time for classic looks later, and occasions that call for flower lashes in the real world are limited. So, for the time being: selfies.

Plus (and we cannot stress this enough), any beauty look embraced by Kendall Jenner goes straight to the top of our must-try list.

Don't panic about the process, either; despite the detailed, too-good-to-be-true finish (Jenner's followers actually assumed it was the effect of a fancy filter rather than a real-life look), the application steps are surprisingly easy.

Luckily, Erin Parsons, AKA the very makeup artist responsible for loading up Jenner's lashes, is breaking down just how to DIY...

What you'll need

“[Mascara], tweezers, [glue] and teensy tiny flowers," says Parsons. "You can get these [kind of] flowers off Amazon; they're [actually] made for nails."

As for the eye-friendly glue, she recommends Pros-Aide, one designed for skin-friendly special effects; but a heavy-duty lash glue will do in a pinch.

Maybelline The Falsies Lash Lift Volumising Mascara

Kryolan Pros-Aide Prosthetic Adhesive

Manicare Precise Grip Tweezers

The world's your oyster when it comes to your floral colour palette; copy Kendall with an all-over blush situation or mix and match with different shades. “Kendall’s look was pink and soft, [but I also like] a colourful cherry blossom moment," Parsons adds.

Nail Art Dried Flowers

Nail Art Dried Flowers

Nail Art Dried Flowers

How to apply

First? Mascara. "I’m going to go in with a little bit of Falsies Lash Lift from Maybelline, and I’m going to pump my lashes up with a few coats," she says, getting them looking full and fluffy before adding florals.

Once the mascara coats are dry, it's time to get to work. Parsons recommends starting with your bottom lashline, as it can be a bit tricky to see what you're working with once the upper florals are in place. It's a look designed for strong selfies, remember, not one to whip up before any teleprompter-reading gigs.

As for application, the process itself is similar to that of putting on regular false lashes: trim, glue, place. 
"[Taking my first flower cluster], I’m going to cut a little bit of it off so it fits the eye and apply a little bit of glue. [Once the glue is slightly tacky], you just put it onto the actual lashes [using a pair of tweezers]," she explains.

After a little more grip with your glue? Try applying directly (and carefully) to the lashline if your florals aren't cooperating at first. "I actually [sometimes] put a tiny touch of glue on my eyelash to make it a little bit easier to stick," Parsons admits.

The look works best with a mix of both stemless flowers that can be applied directly to the lashline and ones with longer stems that offer the 'floating flower' illusion. The latter kind, however, often require a little more trimming to ensure they're floating at just the right height. "[When working with the stemmed flowers], you don't want the stem too long, so [first just] cut the stem in half," she advises. "Then [once you're happy with where the stem and flower sit in relation to the lashline], attach it."

Don't stress too much about symmetry, either; it's best to aim to apply flowers of the same general colours and sizes on each side, but there's no need to panic about perfectly even placement. “Just do your best to get them as even as possible,” Parsons confirms. After all, admirers will be looking at the overall effect more than anything.

Image via: @erinparsonsmakeup

Image via: @erinparsonsmakeup

Image via: @erinparsonsmakeup

Once you've got the hang of it, just keep layering, adding different floral shapes and shades to add flowery fullness.

“See how one goes that way, and [the next] one goes over here?” she asks, pointing out the different directions the flowers face. “I think it's important that they're sort of stacked in different ways, it makes it more beautiful, sort of like the way flowers sprout out of the ground.”

If you need us we'll be practicing our own Jenner-esque technique in every shade under the sun; we're (literally) blooming obsessed.

Main image credit: @erinparsonsmakeup

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