This TikTok filter is going viral for helping users find their perfect foundation match

No more messy tester swatches!

Content Producer / January 15 2024

Ever struggled in the foundation aisle at your local MECCA or Sephora? Us too.

Finding your perfect shade match is no easy task - that’s why we often need the help of the professionals! 

Now, a trending TikTok filter of all things has made that process a little easier.

Cosmetics brand Kosas has released a new filter to help users discover their skin undertone. Separating the tool into six hues (from fair to deep), the tool places four swatches across the user's face: cool, warm, olive, and neutral. 

Laid plainly across the face, users of the filter can pinch the filter to gain a closer look at which swatch works best on them.

While the filter is designed to help people find their best base match, it has also gone viral for its ability to determine which makeup shades will be most flattering for an individual.

For those with a cool undertone, characteristics like burning easily in the sun, looking better in silver jewelry, and having blue, pink, or reddish veins are common. Warm-toned individuals, on the other hand, tend to tan easily, prefer gold jewelry, and have a yellow, peach, or golden skin base with blue-greenish veins. Olive undertones often have a yellow, green, or grey tinge, while neutral tones are a mix and can pull off both silver and gold jewelry well.

This innovative filter reflects a broader trend in cosmetics where technology and social media are being leveraged to enhance user experience. Colour season analysis, a concept that categorises individuals based on their most flattering colours, has gained popularity through similar filters on social media platforms like TikTok. These filters allow users to experiment with different colours and shades, providing a fun and interactive way to discover their ideal makeup palette.

The undertone filter - and evident virality - is a step towards more personalised and confident makeup choices, making it easier for users to select shades that naturally enhance their features.

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