Kylie Jenner just posted THE most stunning makeup-free pic

Kylie Jenner just posted a makeup-free photo

And we need a moment to appreciate her freckles

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / May 03 2018

While she may be one of the biggest (and youngest) beauty moguls getting around, Kylie Jenner just showed us that even she has her makeup-free moments. And man are they stunning.

This morning the 20-year-old new mum and Kylie Cosmetics makeup founder – who’s known for her full-coverage and heavy makeup - took to her Instagram with a stunning au naturel beauty look. And we seriously can’t get enough.

Kylie Jenner

Trading in her contoured cheekbones and usual bold matte lipstick for a pared-back beauty look, the star – who BTW has been lounging beachside in the most drool-worthy location over the past 24 hours – showed off her beautiful clear skin, to-die-for freckles and super cute baby.

While she’s posted makeup-free selfies in the past, Kylie’s latest post has to be our favourite yet. Teamed with super fluttery makeup-free lashes and natural-looking brows, that glowing skin and those rarely-seen freckles are absolute goals.

Even though we love a good bold Kylie pout, we’re BIG fans of this laidback look. 

Anyone else up for island hopping and ditching their full-coverage foundation?

If you’re thinking of paring back your usual beauty look, these stunning makeup-free selfies prove just how beautiful au naturel can be.

What do you think of Kylie’s natural beauty look? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Inset image credit: @kyliejenner

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