Nailing the ‘90s blowout just got even easier thanks to this rechargeable hot brush

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Content Producer / July 26 2023

The product

There’s no better feeling than leaving the salon with a fresh, bouncy blowout. But recreating that look (and feeling) at home is near impossible. Chances are you’ll end up with tired arms, tangled hair and a frizzy mess. Enter: the Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Volumising Hot Brush.

With frizz- taming ionic technology and three heat settings, the rechargeable hot brush is designed to give everybody the perfect voluminous blow out. 

This hot brush is perfect for new users and seasoned pros alike. The super lightweight brush is designed for on-the-go dry-styling sessions to tame your mane from anywhere, at any time. It’s USB-rechargeable, completely cordless and heats up in minutes.

Ready to level-up your blow-dry game? Here’s what our Review Crew® had to say about the Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Volumising Hot Brush

The panel

We sent the Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Volumising Hot Brush to a panel of women with all hair lengths and fine to medium hair types. They aged from 18-42 fitting into two main groups: ‘on the go’ and ‘everyday users’.

The lowdown

Three temperature options:The Salon Pro Rechargeable Volumising Hot Brush offers three temperatures at the simple press of a button, allowing our Review Crew® team to find the best heat setting for their hair type.

Cordless with USB Charging:  What could be more useful than being able to swap out your phone charger for your hair appliance? The Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Volumising Hot Brush offers on-the-go convenience with its USB charger, and the cordless design also takes the acrobatics out of nailing the perfect bouncy blow- wave.

Frizz-free styling: The hot brush features a ceramic and ion infused barrel your frizz is fought away and the heat is evenly transferred, so you're never at risk of burning yourself while using it.

The verdict

“The Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Volumising Hot Brush deserves a perfect 5/5 rating! This cordless wonder is a game-changer with its quick heating and adjustable temperature settings. It effortlessly adds volume, smooths frizz, and leaves a natural shine. The gentle bristles ensure a tangle-free experience, and its compact design makes it perfect for travel. I highly recommend this versatile hot brush for salon-quality results at home or on the go. Thank you, Lady Jayne, for this fantastic styling tool!”
Potato K
“The Lady Jayne Pro Volumising Hot Brush is easy to use and particularly good if you are travelling as it is portable, wireless and comes in its own bag. There are three temperature options - I chose 200 degrees as my hair doesn't hold curls very well. As my hair is quite flat at the top, the brush is able to effortlessly add volume and lift my hair. The bristles are gentle and glides smoothly through the hair without causing damage or tangling it.”
Claudia L
“This tool was a lightweight, discrete and convenient hair tool - that I would definitely recommend! It's a really nice pre-styling tool, to help smooth and tame any flyaway and fuzz. It creates a soft bend in the hair, mimicking the effect of a blow-dry. The tool itself does not heat up a lot, so it is very gentle on the hair. I would recommend this product if you like the polished look of heat styling, without the damage and over-processing. I have used this on friends and family and I think it works best on shoulder length finer hair, if you have thicker longer hair it definitely will take a lot more work.”
Sarah W

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