Lizzo is bringing back the French pedicure

And it's ready to be the star of the show

Digital Beauty Editor / May 05 2021

Lizzo with perfectly polished fingers and toes is hardly a shock; she's been 'checking her nails' for several years now. In fact, she's one of the celebs we look to first re: the trends that are about to hit – considering her massive affinity for nail art and fun colours, we can always rely on her to be serving serious looks.

And if her latest foot snap (yep) is to be believed, one pedicure in particular in on its way back in a big way: the French kind. Her velcro Gucci sandals weren't the aspect of the shot giving off the biggest nostalgic '90s energy; the main thing serving vintage vibes were those white tips.


They weren't painted on just to match her manicure, either; Lizzo also posted a classic cocktail-holding shot (hello jealousy, our old friend) that revealed her fingers were actually donning a sheer marble rose gold vibe design, no French tips in sight.

What does this mean, you ask? That this is officially a pedicure-specific trend this time around. Of course, French manicures themselves had a bit of a moment last year (with everything from pastel takes to diagonal versions gracing us with their presence). Basically, in the chicest way possible, this is your toes' time to shine.


So, to recap, here are the lessons we learned today: French pedicures are back, mismatched mani-pedi pairings are thriving, and lastly, wherever Lizzo is right now, we wish we were there, French-tipped toes and all.

Main image credit: @lizzobeeating

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