Matthew McConaughey is a big fan of scrunchies thanks to his wife

And not just any scrunchies either...

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / January 18 2021

Sure, marriage can be great for love and lifelong commitment, blah, blah, blah… but it can also be a place of learning. Something actor Matthew McConaughy knows all too well given that his wife, model and entrepreneur Camila Alves McConaughey, has put him on to one of the world’s most life-changing inventions – the scrunchie. 

In a recent interview with The Strategist, Camila revealed that she’s a sucker for the timeless hair accessory. Slip Silk’s Scrunchies are her faves by far though, and she’s not shy about sharing that fact with those closest to her. “I have turned so many people onto these — like probably more than a hundred people at this point,” she told the publication. “I’m not exaggerating.”

“I keep one on my wrist, so people will see it and ask about it. And when I see somebody I don’t know who has these, we look in each other’s direction and have an instant bond, like, “Okay, you get it. You know.” 

And she’s even managed to convert husband Matthew to the scrunchie gang way of life, “I got Matthew to wear them, too, because he has long hair now.”

Scrunchie model Matthew McConaughey

Scrunchie model Matthew McConaughey

“My hair is really thick, but Matt’s is really fine, and these don’t damage any hair. They’re super gentle and, when you take your hair out, they don’t leave any marks. It’s like magic. They are a little bit pricey, but trust me, they’re worth it. I’ve given them as gifts tons of times, too.”

Jump on board the silk scrunchie bandwagon with the McConaughey clan, and cop yourself one of the brands handy multipacks in a skinny, midi or classic large size for snag-free pony’s.

Matthew's not the only Hollywood hunk with a penchant for hairstyling. George Clooney has been using this weird device to cut his own hair for YEARS.

Main image credit: @camilamcconaughey

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