Good news: McDonald’s French fries could cure baldness

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Best. Study. Ever.

BeautyCrew Beauty Writer / February 09 2018

Hands down, McDonald’s fries are the absolute jam and you’re totally fibbing if you say you don’t like them. Those little golden sticks of delight are just the most delicious of all fries. And to make gorging on them even more satisfying, word has it that they might actually help treat hair loss. What a catch.

According to researchers at Yokohama National University in Japan, there is a specific ingredient in McDonald’s crispy potato fries that may help with hair regrowth.

The study, published in the Biomaterials journal, found that a friendly little ingredient by the name of dimethylpolysiloxane (it’s added to the cooking oil to stop it from splashing) could help stimulate hair growth.

Their research found that this was a key ingredient in producing hair follicle germs on mice - and apparently there were some pretty impressive results.

But before you start living solely on French fries/rubbing them in your hair just for funzies, there are a few things worth noting. *Cue disappointed sighs*.

While the researchers found the results “very robust and promising” for conditions such as alopecia, the method has not actually been tested on human hair yet. The study also concluded that munching on fries won’t guarantee you thick, luscious locks. Sad face.

In true fashion, people took to Twitter to share their take on the matter.

“Bald men today headed to @McDonalds to super-size their French Fry order,” someone tweeted.

“Well I have bad news for them. I have enjoyed McD’s FF for 55 years and I’m still bald,” said another.

Despite this, we’re going to take the evidence as a solid maybe and will be paying the golden arches a little visit, just in case.

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