The most important skin care step, according to Meghan Markle’s facialist

For that royal wedding kinda glow

BeautyCrew Beauty Editor / April 10 2019

Meghan Markle was *literally* glowing on her wedding day and while we are sure getting married to a prince might have had something to do with that, the person who deserves some of the credit is her facialist, Sarah Chapman.

Chapman is also responsible for the enviable visages of Victoria Beckham, Gigi Hadid and Jourdan Dunn, just to name a few. So, when she gives advice on what she considers to be the most crucial step in any skin care regimen, we listen.

Chapman recently sat down with Harper’s Bazaar UK to discuss her ethos surrounding all things skin care and what she believes every woman should be incorporating into her routine. Her go-tos are products and treatments that encourage plump, fresh and radiant skin without looking too perfect or airbrushed. “10 to 15 years ago was all about anti-ageing,” she explains. “Now it’s ‘how do I look the best version of myself?’.”

Though regular exfoliation, adequate hydration and the use of toning and brightening serums may help with delivering bouncy and luminous skin, Chapman highlights the importance of incorporating an effective SPF into your routine to combat the effects of exposure to UV – and it’s not just the sun we need to worry about. “Now we all struggle with blue light, high energy visible light, all the different things that are going on around us from devices and screens, and also the atmosphere that we're in. It's so important to put SPF on every day,” she says.

Admittedly, Chapman acknowledges that incorporating sunscreen into your daily routine can sometimes be tricky:  “traditionally, SPFs were chalky; they didn't feel good on the skin, you couldn't put makeup on [top of] them well, and they weren't really nice to wear”. But she believes that newer formulas are so much more wearable. “They've become so much more elegant. It can feel like a serum or nice moisturiser rather than feeling like an SPF.” While there are plenty of sunscreens out there that play nicely under makeup, our members love using this offering from La Roche Posay as a primer.

Keen to hear more about how Meghan Markle keeps her skin looking so good? This is apparently the facial technique Meghan SWEARS by for luminous skin.

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