The intriguing scent that's sure to turn heads

Here's what our Review Crew had to say about it

Men's Health / February 11 2020

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The Product

Carolina Herrera's BAD BOY Fragrance, an Oriental aromatic in which opposites are drawn into each other. 

Carolina Herrera Bad Boy

The Panel

Men's Health sent the Carolina Herrera's BAD BOY Fragrance to a panel of 20 men.

The Lowdown

Here’s what the Review Crew loved about Carolina Herrera's BAD BOY Fragrance.

It's a head-turner: Many of our reviewers received compliments about the fragrance.

It's a multifaceted fragrance: Reviewers loved its evolving, versatile scent.

It evokes confidence: Many commented on the way it made them feel powerful and confident. 

The Verdict

"A rich, almost dark chocolatey scent. I wear this every day and for going out. I rarely change scents but this has worked itself in almost seamlessly. I am pleasantly surprised. It's not too overbearing which allows me to wear it during the day. Two people have commented and asked where I got it from."
MH Review Crew Member
"The scent is sweet, with hints of mint, cacao and vanilla that last around two hours, the dry down has a woodiness which is warm and a dustiness from the tonka and spices lasting around five hours. Without trying to be influenced by the marketing, I felt desirable, which helps boost confidence and empowerment. One colleague walking past me had asked what perfume I'm wearing and said it "smelled nice". My girlfriend usually likes a more masculine perfume on me but she liked this "sweet softer scent"."
MH Review Crew Member
"I like the smell... It is full bodied and very masculine and mature. I would wear Bad Boy primarily in the evening. I have been wearing it during the day as when I choose a cologne I wear it all the time to make my friends identify the cologne with me. For me it would be a little too powerful to wear during the day in an office environment. Bad Boy makes me feel confident, powerful, attractive and worldly."
MH Review Crew Member
"Subtle and sophisticated scent. Has a chocolate masculine smell that lasts. Suitable for everyday wear or for a night out in the town. Confident and fresh. Is a feel good scent. A lot of comments from female colleagues to say I smelled amazing."
MH Review Crew Member
"It's energetic and refreshing. It starts off as sweet, perhaps overly sweet, but after a short time, mellows out and is pleasantly woody whilst the cocoa begins to shine. The scent doesn't last long on my skin during hot weather but can last for hours when it's cool. This would be suitable for many different occasions during the cooler seasons. Smells great for work, and is equally refreshing for a night out. I wouldn't use this during summer though since it doesn't last long. The scent is strangely alluring. It takes me back to my younger days, when I had more energy and youthfulness to do things I wouldn't do now. Definitely makes me feel a bit more perky. Close colleagues immediately noticed I was wearing a different scent to my usual, and that it smells great."
MH Review Crew Member
"Classy – not too heavy not too light JUST RIGHT. My girlfriend and colleagues like it... a lot."
MH Review Crew Member

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