Mimi Keene’s ‘pufferfish laugh’ stops her makeup from creasing

“Everyone makes fun of me for it."

Content Producer / September 25 2023

Sex Education star Mimi Keene has her skin care and makeup routine down pat. With Sandra Bullock’s appearance in Practical Magic acting as her point of reference, she approaches her everyday makeup routine much like her character Ruby Matthews approaches life; with a clear vision in mind. In similar Ruby vein, Keene’s no-crease makeup hack is just a step above extra (and we love her for it).

In her Vogue Beauty Secrets video, Keene shared that her secret to crease-proof makeup lies in her method of laughing. Of course, altering the way you laugh is not an everyday thing. For Keene, this simply applies to her days on set. We can, however, commend her commitment to a long-lasting base. 

Coined ‘the pufferfish laugh’, Keene literally puffs her cheeks out when having a chuckle. Acknowledging that smile lines are something everyone has, she explained the reasoning behind the unique laugh: “[Smile lines] crease your makeup so when I’m trying to keep my makeup fresh on set… Your makeup has to look the same each take.”

“Everyone makes fun of me for my laugh but, you know what, I think it’s catching on - the pufferfish laugh.”

While her altered on-set laugh may not be the easiest hack to implement, Keene certainly isn’t short of other useful makeup tips.

She applies her mascara, for example, by using the ‘shaky shaky’ (wiggling the brush from the roots of the lash to the tips) method for ultimate volume. She uses the Chanel Noir Allure Mascara ($71 at Myer) to accomplish this.

For natural-looking lip liner, she also recommends dotting the pencil (she uses M.A.C’s ‘Whirl’, $37 at Adore Beauty) in the places you wish to shade (instead of lining) for a softer finish. 

These are some Ruby-approved hacks if we do say so ourselves!

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