A peek into Miranda Kerr’s life

Her skin care favourites, the importance of certified organic, and what her son has taught her

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

Miranda Kerr is not just a ‘model of the moment’. Since she made her Victoria’s Secret runway debut years ago, the Australian stunner has made her mark not only the in fashion industry, but in the beauty world, too, with the launch of her beauty brand KORA Organics. 

Beauty Crew sat down with Kerr, where she shared not only the products she’s loving right now, but also her skin care mantra, the importance of getting her products right, and the life lessons her five-year-old son has taught her.

On her latest skin care obsession
“The KORA AHA exfoliator, which Im obsessed with! I use it a little too much. You know with those kinds of products, you should just use it every second day and what not, but I use it every day because I like that smooth skin that just feels so fresh and yeah. I leave it on for five-ish minutes.” 

On the importance of her products being certified organic
“Every single one of the products contain noni and Im just so proud of the fact that theyre all certified organic, because its really hard thing to be. And that way I know that my customers know that theres integrity behind the product. On the back of each product, it tells you exactly the percentage. And its a bit of a headache for me but its really great that the customers know what theyre getting because, you know, what you put on your skin, it soaks in, and its really important to nurture it and fill it with nutrients, just like we do on the inside.” 

On the KORA testing process
“All of the products are tried on me, none of the products are tested on animals. Theyre all tried on me and my family and friends.” 

On promoting self-love through her products
“Im not sure if youre aware that all the products are infused through rose quartz to give the vibration of love. Some people are like, ‘Oh thats airy fairy,’ but its actually not, we all need a little self-love and self-acceptance and thats why on the back of the packaging theres a little positive affirmation as well. So, its like a little ritual – I have my morning ritual and my nighttime ritual, having a little mist and anything to kind of uplift and re-inspire you and put you back into the present, so it just feels really nurturing when youre using the products.

"I feel like its good to have these little rituals to help you feel good. The world that we live is so fast-paced and Im trying to create that to empower women and men to feel good about themselves and realise that when you do take care of yourself and have a little minute for yourself that you will feel better and if you do take care of yourself then youll be more energised.” 

On how she picks her mists
“The Lavender Mist I will spray on the pillow before I go to bed and the Citrus Mist I will have throughout the day to reenergise, and the Rose is really good if your skin is a little dry.” 

On what Flynn is teaching her
“The other day I was running late for something and he could tell I was getting flustered and hes like, ‘Mum, sometimes I feel like that.’ I said, ‘Really?’, and he said, ‘Yeah, like really rushed, like maybe at school or something. You know what I do? Take a deep breath, and I close my eyes and I think about a rainbow, and I think about all the different colours, then it makes me feel better.’ And I did, I closed my eyes and did it, he was like, ‘Is that better?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah!’ Thats really actually a profound thing for a five-year-old to say. And then he goes. ‘Well if that didnt work, sometimes I close my eyes again and I think about a unicorn, like just running, jumping around.’ Just wisdom from Flynn – think about a unicorn jumping around.”

A few of Miranda's KORA favourites

Age Defying AHA Facial Exfoliator

Calming Lavender Mist

Luxurious Rosehip Oil

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