How to master TikTok’s beloved ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic’

Meet the trend having its five minutes of fame and why we can’t just Fuhgeddaboudit…

Beauty Content Assistant / January 24 2024

We’re making it official: TikTok is the birthplace of microtrends. Whether it’s basing a whole aesthetic around one celeb’s vibe (we’re looking at you Mrs Bieber). Or taking a makeup look, giving it a catchy name and turning it viral *ahem latte makeup*, TikTok is undoubtedly where it all starts. 

And the latest trend to take over? The ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic’. With 135.6 million views, we’re curious to see if this bright flame will burn for long. So, crack out your ‘90s inspo because big messy hair, smudgy-grunge inspired eyes and bold lips (plus of course red nails) are ‘in’ in a big way. 

It’s a change that signals quiet luxury is on the out, and it’s taking the ‘clean’ beauty look with it. We’re now welcoming in the era of ‘loud luxury’. With a less ‘girly’ approach to beauty (no bows to be found here), this look allows us to be messy and less precise with our makeup. But what’s more than just the look is the energy that goes with it. Embodying a fierce independent bad bitch aura, mob wives give off a serious IDGAF energy. So, start practising your unbothered faces in the mirror to help nail down the aesthetic. 

Mob Wife Makeup

OPI in 'Malaga Wine'

M.A.C Lip Pencil in ‘Spice

Makeup Forever Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow in ‘01’

This unapologetically glam look takes its inspo from ‘90s supermodels with a hint of messy maximalism. For the hair, big is in. Take inspo from the overteased, back-combed within an inch of their life hairstyles of the early 2000s. Hairspray and a fine toothed comb will be your best friends in throwing together this type of very curated yet messy updo. 

For the nails, we’re talking classic statement reds. Yep, think that kindergarten teacher that rocked a red mani year round. Our top pick for a deep red? OPI Malaga Wine ($21.95 at Myer); this shade of rich crimson is guaranteed to turn some heads. 

The ‘lived-in’ makeup look is bold, glamorous and contoured. Cheekbones, here you come, with a defined layer of contour, a thick coating of mascara, a seriously smudged eyeshadow and a bold defined lip. Remember that IDGAF energy? Yep, you don’t care that your smokey eye is smudged, because that’s exactly what you wanted. The perfect tool for the job? Makeup Forever’s Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow in ‘01’ ($37 at Adore Beauty). And for the luscious lip definition, a darker-than-the-lipstick liner is required. Obviously adjust the colour depending on what lip route you take, but for our ‘90s chocolate-y lip dreams, we’re turning to our trusty M.A.C Lip Pencil in ‘Spice’ ($38 at Adore Beauty). 

This look is one that we just ‘can’t refuse’, and we suspect come winter time #mobwifewinter will be trending across Australia too…

Main Image Credit: The Sopranos / HBO

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