Models at Couture Fashion Week walked the runway with shampoo in their hair


As you do…

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 06 2017

You would be forgiven for thinking that some of the hair and makeup looks that come out of any fashion week, let alone Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, are a little wacky.

And we get it. Glitter lips, over-the-top graphic liner and seriously teased hair aren’t for everyone. However, if you thought you had already seen the pinnacle of weird and wonderful beauty looks, prepare to be confused and amazed in equal measure all over again.

At the Maison Margiela show that took place in Paris recently, models walked down the runway with what looked like actual shampoo in their hair. We know, weird.

While there’s a good chance the suds where in actual fact some heavy-handed mousse concoction, the models looked as though they had been interrupted mid-shower session.

Perhaps our favourite thing about the whole show was how each model had her own unique shampoo variation. One had suds concentrated solely at the roots, another had the mousse draped down the lengths of her hair and one model had so much product in her hair it resembled a shower cap at first glance.

Wearable in the real world? No. Entertaining to watch? You bet.

It’s always fun when fashion brands take risks during their fashion shows, so thank you Maison Margiela, your out-there beauty look has just made our day!

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What’s the most adventurous beauty look you’ve ever experimented with? Let us know in the comments section below.

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