The brow-filling mistake you’re making

And the easy way to avoid it

Beauty Crew Editor / May 25 2017

When one of the biggest beauty trends is a full and natural brow, having sparse eyebrows is up there as being a huge beauty dilemma. 

Thankfully, many cosmetics brands have cottoned on to this and we’re essentially spoiled for choice when it comes to picking products to help fill in the gaps

But it seems that a lot of us are making a pretty big mistake when it comes to filling in said gaps. 

“Women are overfilling the front of the brow. They’re trying to make them too square and too perfect,” says Australian Brow Artist Jazz Pampling

“We often get caught up in filling in the whole brow, but there are parts that have enough hair and you don’t need to fill those areas. The front of the brow should just have this soft fuzziness of hair that graduates into more density, so don’t get caught up in trying to make that area perfect when it’s not meant to be.” 

And just one look at a few of our celebrity brow muses proves Pampling’s point. See how the inside of their brows are naturally fluffy and not too defined, and the rest of their brows have that added weight?

Jessica Alba

Emma Watson

Taylor Hill

So what’s a girl to do when all she wants is to define her brows without going overboard? 

Jazz suggests, “Sometimes the best way to fill in the front of your brow is just with a little bit of powder that’s a shade lighter than your hair, then you use your pencil through the rest of the brow." 

And when it comes to using your eyebrow pencil to create a natural finish, Pampling suggests using one with a fine tip to create hair-like strokes in the gaps. She also recommends ensuring that you take the colour right to the edges of your brows, too. 

“People are often concerned or afraid to go to the edge of the brow, but we have plenty of hair in the middle of the brow. It’s often the edges that have the most gaps and we lose our definition through there, so having that confidence to take your pencil, powder or pen to the edge of the brow to get definition is where you’re going to get a lot of the shape. And if you’re not sure, find a makeup artist or a brow specialist to tell you how to fill in your brows.”

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