The top 10 most searched Halloween makeup trends of 2023

Spooky season is well and truly upon us

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / October 13 2023

Regardless of your age or your liking for trick or treating, Halloween is always more fun when you dress up.

But there’s more to dressing up than just hauling ass to your local party shop and securing yourself a trademark-free ‘scary witch’ costume — think of the Halloween-themed makeup (not to mention all the potential Halloween nail designs). 

Thankfully, False Eyelashes did their due diligence and analysed Google search data for Halloween makeup trends, discovering there are 10 makeup looks that are forecast to be the most popular in 2023. 

This is how to nail the top 10 most searched Halloween makeup trends of 2023 according to False Eyelashes’ in-house makeup artist Saffron Hughes. 

1/ Pennywise (+9,700 per cent increase in searches)

“The Pennywise look is back and bolder than ever,” says Hughes. 

“I’d recommend using high-quality face paints for that creepy clown face, and would make sure to add subtle contouring to emphasise his eerie features,” she advises. “Don’t forget to pay extra attention to those menacing red lips.”

2/ Maleficent (+9,600 per cent increase in searches)

“For Maleficent's striking cheekbones and horned headdress, use a good cream contour palette,” says Hughes. “Go for dramatic, smokey eyes with bold eyeliner and deep plum or black lipstick to capture her villainous charm.” 

3/ Clown (+6,500 per cent increase in searches)

“Clown makeup offers endless creativity so it should come as no surprise that it’s in the top three,” says Hughes. 

“For a classic clown look, I’d start with a white base before going wild with bold accents,” she advises. “Use vibrant eyeshadows and liners for exaggerated eyes and don't forget to add red, blue, or green lips.”

4/ Beetlejuice (+6,200 per cent increase in searches)

“Beetlejuice is back from the afterlife, and deserves a perfect makeup look for the effort,” jokes Hughes. 

“To mimic Beetlejuice's ghostly appearance, apply a white base with a greenish-grey undertone,” she says. “Use dark eyeshadows to create his sunken eyes as well as a dark lip colour to complete the eerie look.”

5/ Corpse bride (+6,100 per cent increase in searches)

“For a Corpse Bride transformation, focus on a pale blue skin tone and delicate detailing,” says Hughes. 

“Apply smokey, dark eyeshadow and add blue and purple hues for a hauntingly beautiful effect,” she advises.

6/ Harlequin makeup (+6,000 per cent increase in searches)

“A harlequin’s makeup is all about precision,” dishes Hughes. “Create sharp lines for the harlequin mask using contrasting black and white face paints. Finish with a bold, red lip and dramatic eye makeup.”

7/ Black swan (+5,800 per cent increase in searches)

“To channel the elegance and darkness of the Black Swan, focus on a flawless, pale complexion and a dramatic, smoky eye,” says Hughes. 

“Don't forget the deep, black lipstick for the perfect finish,” she adds.

8/ M3GAN the doll (+5,500 per cent increase in searches)

“The movie may have been released last year but this AI doll is still reigning supreme,” says Hughes. 

“To copy her look, make sure to use a high-coverage foundation for a flawless look, before emphasising the eyes with oversized doll-like lashes. You can then add a rosy blush and sweet pink lip,” she explains.

9/ Scar from The Lion King (+4,700 per cent increase in searches)

“This one is definitely unexpected but given that many people believe he’s the scariest Disney villain of all time, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise,” says Hughes. 

“To capture Scar's menacing look, precise contouring is a must,” she advises. “Use red and black face paints for the scar and mane, and for added drama, go for a smokey eye and sharp, dark lips.”

10/ Wednesday Addams (+4,600 per cent increase in searches)

“Wednesday Addams's makeup experienced a substantial increase in Google searches, proving that her iconic gothic look is still a popular choice,” says Hughes. 

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