Gift your mum a precious memory with these experiential Mother’s Day gifts

A pamper sesh for your mum is well overdue

Content Producer / April 28 2024

Mums are genuinely the cornerstones of basically our whole lives. And if we had it our way, we’d have a month devoted to, well, their devotion. We’d maybe even throw in a parade. Maybe it’s overkill but how else are we going to show our mums just how much we love them? We guess we’ll settle for treating them like the Queens they are (and spoiling them with gifts) for their major day: Mother’s Day.

Mums are like snowflakes; no two are the same. Some would be happy for any beauty gift to be wrapped up in a bow, whereas others want skin care gifts or nothing. But for the mums that want a hit of quality time (and could do without  the unnecessary added beauty clutter), it’s time to gift her the experiential beauty gift she’s always wanted.

Whether you want to get her dolled up for her big day with fresh brows or present her with a pampering pressie, your ma is going to adore the unique, salon-quality attention she’s about to get.

These are some of the best experience-based beauty-loving gifts to give your mum this Mother’s Day…

2024's Top 3 Experiencial Mother’s Day Gifts

  1. Endota Spa Rest & Restore, $140, Endota Spa
  2. The Skin Bar Skin Needling, $225, The Skin Bar
  3. Benefit Cosmetics Brow Touch ups, $24 to $75, Benefit Cosmetics

Endota Spa Rest & Restore

From $140 at Endota Spa

With Endota salons dotted all over the place, it’s silly to resist the call of the pampering parlours. Get your mum into a state of unwinding bliss with this restorative, relaxing massage. Delivering your mum through-the-roof levels of rejuvenation, the massage features Endotas very own nourishing invigorating clove and mint recovery balm that will undoubtedly awaken her senses. 

Key features:

  • Light to medium pressure 
  • Specialised sequence using grounding jade stones
  • Incorporating invigorating clove and mint balm 

The Skin Bar Skin Needling

From $225 (usually $675) at The Skin Bar

Our ‘favourite child’ alarms have just started ringing, and it must be because you’re thinking about getting your mum a session (or three) of skin needling. And there’s no one that knows needling quite like The Skin Bar. Your mum is going to feel like a complete goddess when she walks through the empowering emerald halls. But why is a session of skin needling what will set you apart from your siblings? Well, the non-invasive treatment works to improve skin tone and texture. Basically, your mum's skin will be looking totally refreshed and she’ll have you to thank for it. The most exciting part? The Skin Bar are currently having a huge 40 per cent off your first needling treatment sale!  

Key features:

  • Non-invasive 
  • Helps to improve skin tone and texture
  • Works to help stimulate skin elastane 

Benefit Cosmetics Brow Touch up

Ranging from $24 to $75 at Benefit Cosmetics

If your mum loves getting dolled up and freshening up her structured brows is at the top of her to do list, then Benefit is the brow-loving palace that you point her in the direction of. Thankfully these little palaces come in the form of brow-genius manned stalls located conveniently within Myer but also Sephora. So, no matter if mums looking for a tint, wax, lamination or even a combo of all three, Benefit has her (and you) covered. But the best news is, if you book mum in for a pre-Mother’s Day wax, you’ll be supporting Benefit’s ‘Bold Is Beautiful’ campaign initiative, whereby $5 of each wax is given to one of their charity partners. 

Key features:

  • Choose from a brow wax, tint or lamination
  • Creates striking bold brows
  • Options to fit your needs

Lash’d Eyelash Extensions Classic Full Set

From $161 at Lash’d

Okay, if your mum happens to live around the Ivanhoe area of Melbourne then your Mother’s Day gift just switched to being sorted. Treat her to a gloriously natural-yet-voluminous mix of lash extensions. Focusing on creating lightweight, classically natural lashes, your busy mum's going to absolutely love being able to get up and go with a set of these face-framing luscious lashes. Heck, you might even have to go with her…

Key features:

  • Natural lash look
  • Adds volume and definition
  • Customisable to your desires

Glow Medispa Correct and Perfect 

From $250 at Glow Medispa

Okay, we’re so not suggesting that your ma’s face is in actual need of correcting or perfecting. But with its customisable cosmeceutical mix of ingredients and techniques, we can all but guarantee your mum will truly feel like the Queen she is after this one. The therapist will choose from a range of advanced skin tools and techniques (from peels to needling) to create the most unique skin-loving 75 minutes of your mum's life. 

Key features:

  • Utilises cosmeceutical-grade ingredients
  • Offers a multi-faceted approach
  • Customisable to your skin needs

Contour Clinics The Rehydrating Chemical Peel

From $250 at Contour Clinics

The words ‘chemical’ and ‘peel’ can seem alarming when combined, but we’re here to assure you (and mum) that this rejuvenating treatment will actually be perfect for her skin. If your mum’s been complaining about her skin being ‘just so dry’ of late, then gifting her a hydrating facial is the best choice you can make. Not only will this peel help to hydrate her skin, it’ll also work to boost skin cell turnover and it even aims to help with pesky pigmentation problems. Your mum's face won’t know what hit it!

Key features:

  • Utilise naturally-derived AHAs
  • Improves skin cell turnover
  • Deeply exfoliates 

Main Image Credit: @cindycrawford

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