A new Dyson Airwrap is coming to Australia

The multi-styler has had a makeover

Editor / June 08 2022

Just when you thought a hair tool couldn't be any more coveted, Dyson goes and drops a brand new Airwrap. Yep, really.

Officially available in Australia from 16th June 2022, the Airwrap 2.0 brings with it a bunch of new and reengineered attachments.

Apparently, the fact the tool continues to be a viral sensation wasn't enough for the Dyson engineers and they wanted to make it even better.

But fear not if you already dropped a lot of dollars on an Airwrap already; we've been reassured you can simply upgrade to the latest attachments while retaining your original device.

Here's everything you need to know about the next-gen drop.

What's different about the new Dyson Airwrap?

The new-look Airwrap is designed to cater to more hair types and styles. It still comes with six attachments but includes ones like the wide tooth comb, which is engineered for curly and coily hair. The pre-styling dryer has also been replaced with a Coanda smoothing dryer, to help hide flyaways and finesse your styles.

But if you ask us, one of the biggest game-changers is no longer having to swap attachments for curling in different directions. The OG required separate attachments for clockwise and anti-clockwise curls and waves, but the mechanism has now been blended into one attachment. All you have to do is flick a switch — genius.

What attachments are included?

Let's talk specifics. If you buy the new Dyson Airwrap, you'll be getting:

Airwrap barrels: Two different sizes for styling versatility and now with the ability to curl in both directions

Coanda smoothing dryer: Also known as the 'flyaway attachment' to help achieve smoother results

Soft and hard paddle brushes: Achieve a sleek, straight look with two different sizes to suit your layers

Small and large round brushes: Nail the '90s blowout look and create rounder, bouncier curls with different-sized round brushes

Wide tooth comb: Use it to add shape, volume and length to thick, curly and coily hair as it dries


Can I use the new attachments with my old Airwrap?

Yes! The reengineered attachments are compatible with all existing Airwraps. Upgrading will cost $99 per attachment through Dyson direct.

Is the new Airwrap more expensive?

The upgrade does come with a slightly higher price in Australia. The original Airwrap currently retails on dyson.com.au for $799, whereas the new and improved version will retail for $899.

Where can I buy the new Dyson Airwrap in Australia?

From 16th June, the new multi-styler will be available via Dyson and dyson.com.au. Third party retailers are expected to have stock from July onwards.

Main image credit: Dyson

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