Podcast: Trinny Woodall Has This Message For All Women

Podcast: Trinny Woodall Has This Message For All Women

Plus the products she says we should all own

InStyle InStyle Editorial & Digital Intern / October 24 2019

Author, stylist and businesswoman Trinny Woodall joins beauty editors Sally and Bettina for a special episode of Get Lippy to chat all things beauty.

Tune in to hear Trinny’s must-have skincare (bank balances beware!) and the makeup tricks that she’s honed over her impressive career. Plus, she shares the real reason she created her makeup line, Trinny London

From the product she applies to her face that makes her smell like a farm animal – her words, not ours – to why she wears a sheet mask on the back of a motorbike (true story!), Trinny spills the hacks she uses to maintain her own complexion, as well as how women of all ages can determine what products are best for them.

If you’re a Trinny fan, or a beauty buff, this episode is not to be missed.

Listen below, or search for ‘Get Lippy’ wherever you prefer to podcast.

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Hayley Lukabyo is an intern at InStyle magazine with a love of all things beauty and wellness. When she’s not lost in a loop of beauty tutorials, you can find her spending big at Mecca and searching for another step to add to her skincare routine.