The Oscars goodie bag includes $62,000 worth of cosmetic procedure vouchers

And a plot of land in Queensland?

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / March 13 2023

Apparently the Oscars isn’t just prime people-watching territory you can also snag a truly impressive hoard of swag. Well, at least the 26 Oscar nominees across the acting and directing categories anyway, who’ll be taking home an Oscars goodie bag even if they don’t win a golden trophy. 

The ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bags are orchestrated by gifting company Distinctive Assets, and while technically they’re not an official Academy Award affiliate partner, they’ve provided celebrities with a wealth of treats for years nonetheless.

What’s in the Oscars goodie bag for 2023?

The Academy Award nominees goodie bags are notorious for including all manner of luxury beauty items. Celebrities have been gifted LED face masks worth hundreds of dollars in past years, and been some of the first to try the latest cosmetic treatment trends too — who doesn’t love a free spa visit, right? 

As for this year’s haul? Well, the ‘Everyone Wins’ gift bags include a variety of hot ticket items including a small parcel of land in Queensland in aid of land conservation and an Italian hideaway holiday  however, this year the bag’s contents are reflective of a growing interest in mental health and inclusivity.

“One of the big trends this year was towards mental health, people want to talk about mental health in a way that they never used to,” Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary said via Instagram

This year diversity will also be a focus for the company who have included a collection of female-owned and black-owned brands, in the hope they can create a gift bag that represents “a united nations of products from around the world”.

What beauty products are in the Oscars goodie bag?

Of course, as beauty lovers what we were really interested in was the beauty-related products included in this year’s bag. 

Well, there’s a stack of luxury skin care in there (infused with stem cells of course), restorative haircare valued at $5,000, and natural beauty buys galore.

There’s also $10,000 worth of Botox and filler, $12,000 worth of body-sculpting treatments, a $12,000 arm liposuction procedure, chemical peels and (somehow) more, valued at $62,000 worth of cosmetic procedure vouchers in total. Wow.

The one thing that Distinctive Assets will be leaving out this year? Sex toys. 

“Unfortunately I can no longer include sex toy stuff,” Fary told The Morning Show co-hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur. “I used to include it because it was a lovely, discreet way for Meryl Streep or Jennifer Lawrence, or any of these amazing nominees, who can't go to a sex shop and pick up some fun things, to do it discreetly.”

Regardless of whether or not celebrities have had Fary’s helping hand, they’re buying sex toys.

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