The Ouai and Byredo just launched the collab of our dreams

When a best seller meets a cult favourite

August 06 2020

In what celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin describes as, “a dream collab” (and TBH, us too), her hair care turned lifestyle brand Ouai has teamed up with the cult-favourite fragrance house Byredo to create a twist on Ouai’s best-selling dry shampoo, now scented with the iconic ‘Mojave Ghost’ fragrance.

In a YouTube video announcing the collaboration, Atkin reveals she’s been a “long time fan” of founder Ben Gorham’s work with Byredo, which she describes as a “legacy brand” that was “calm and quiet before it was a trend”. The idea for the two to join forces began not long after the pair were both in Paris attending fashion week. 

While the OG bottle has had a makeover and the signature ‘Melrose Place’ scent has taken a trip to the dessert, Jen assures us that the formula remains exactly the same. Formulated with volcanic minerals which detoxify and cleanse dirty hair, and rice starch which is super absorbent and volume boosting, the Super Dry Shampoo will soak up all oil while blending in with any shade of hair.

While Atkin prides herself on products that provide salon-quality hair, she also values the fragrances just as highly “it was always really important to me that no matter what we did our fragrance was always the best of the best”. And Byredo’s woody perfume, Mojave Ghost, is exactly that. The mix of magnolia, sandalwood and crisp amber is so good that Atkin predicts it may have people “skipping the shower”. 

The Ouai Super Dry Shampoo x Byredo is currently available in Sephora U.S. and fingers crossed we’ll be seeing it on Aussie shelves soon. 

Main image credit: @officialbyredo

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