Paris Hilton shares her in-flight beauty ritual

Paris Hilton

We spoke exclusively to the beauty-obsessed celeb

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / December 06 2018

Paris Hilton may be a name synonymous with diamonds and glamour, but the heiress has proven her worth in the beauty industry in the last decade with not one or two, but a staggering 24 fragrance launches under her belt. In addition to perfumes, she also recently launched a skin care line (named after herself, of course), along with an extensive makeup line that comprises of eyeshadows, lip glosses and lipsticks. We recently caught up with Paris when she was here in Australia to launch her newest fragrance, Platinum Rush, and found out she is just as obsessed with beauty as we are! Here’s our exclusive interview with the beauty mogul.

On her latest fragrance launch, Platinum Rush…
“I am so excited to be launching my 24th fragrance, Platinum Rush. It is such a beautiful, exotic, sexy, amazing scent, and my favourite notes are in it – there are top notes of Asian pear, red apple and fresh mango, along with magnolia, liquid amber and vanilla bourbon. All these notes together just make this scent [smell like] nothing else out there. It’s the perfect symbol of love and feeling confident and beautiful.”

On where the name Platinum Rush comes from…
“This is all part of the Rush collection. We first released Gold Rush and Rose Rush, which were both such huge successes that we decided to add more on to the Rush collection. And I love platinum, I love silver, I love sparkles, so when we were coming up with this I thought it would be the perfect next fragrance. We’re actually developing more for the Rush collection but I can’t say yet because it’s a surprise!”


Paris Hilton Platinum Rush EDP

On what the fragrance creation process is like…
“I’ve been in the fragrance industry for 15 years now and I’ve been working with Parlux the whole time. I have an incredible team that I work with so we are constantly coming up with new names and ideas for bottles and campaigns. I’m involved every step of the way - from helping with the design of the bottle and what the photo shoots are going to look like, and all the scents. It’s so much fun going to the fragrance factory and just to mix all the notes together and come up with these beautiful perfumes. So, with all of my product lines I’m always involved 100 percent and I put my all into it. I love what I do and I love making beautiful products for my fans to enjoy.”

On her best advice for women who want to start their own beauty business…
“I think it’s really important to find out what your passion is, what you really love and what type of business or brand you want to build. We’re very lucky with technology to have all these social media platforms, so it’s really important to build a presence on social media and really know your brand, get amazing content, also collaborating with other Youtube personalities or beauty bloggers and work together with other people.”

“It’s all about [a] hard work ethic – you’re not going to get anywhere if you don’t work hard and that’s what I do every day.”

On her skin care regimen…
“I only use my Paris Hilton ProDNA skin care line. I have a full line so it has everything from a cleanser that I always use which is incredible (it has diamond dust in it), as well as my Serum which I’m obsessed with and literally put it on all the time. My mum since I was a little girl always taught me to stay out of the sun and take care of my skin. So, since I was like seven years old, I’ve been using serums and eye creams. I’ve tried everything on the market and I was noticing that the big brands didn’t offer results. So, I wanted to create a skin care line that had real results and no animal testing. I partnered up with my team and we found these brilliant scientists, and together we created this skin care line that is literally the best on the market.”

On her favourite beauty indulgence…
“I don’t have a lot of time off because I’m constantly working and travelling so the one thing that I love to do when I do have a little bit of time is to get a facial (like an oxygen facial). I’m all natural 100 per cent; I’ve never done anything in my life, and I’ve always taken really great care of my skin. My facialist Angela Nice is incredible and she uses all of my products on me and all of her clients. That’s the one place I love to go when I have my time.”

On the three beauty items you’ll always find in her handbag… 
“You will always find one of my perfumes - we always make ones that are for your handbag as well so people can get either the large bottle or the purse-sized one. I’ve been carrying around my Platinum Rush everywhere and my Paris Hilton ProDNA eye cream, as well as my pink Paris Hilton lip gloss.”

On her in-flight beauty ritual…
“I’m on a plane probably more than I’m on land. When you’re flying all the time your skin can get very dry so I always have my full skin care line with me. I’ve also just created new Paris Hilton masks that have ProDNA in them, which will be coming out soon, as well as a gold mask. I’m on the plane with a gold face mask [and] an eye mask over it and that’s what I do throughout the whole flight. As soon as I land there’s always paparazzi so I need to be camera-ready and have my skin looking perfect. It’s the perfect beauty regimen for the plane.”


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