Paris Jackson was missing *something* at the Grammys…

Spoiler alert; it’s her ink…

Beauty Content Assistant / February 06 2024

Another day, another red carpet. The 66th Grammy Awards had singers and songwriters out in full force, with the red carpet a total step away from the likes of the Emmys or the gilded Golden Globes. For us, this awards show brings the absolute most. Not only do we have fun, playful fashion walking the carpet, we’ve got incredible hair and makeup looks, plus an array of incredible live performances. Could it get any better? We think not. 

What happened to catch our eye the most on the red carpet, (aside from the Taylor Swift/Lana Del Rey of it all) was the ever poised Paris Jackson. Now how did the daughter of the king of pop (Michael Jackson) drag our eyes away from Miley’s devilishly daring dress? Well you see the model and singer is usually covered in tattoos. And by that we mean the star has over 80 tattoos. Yep, that kind of covered. But stepping out on the Grammys red carpet, she was totally sans ink. 

How did she remove the tattoos?

But how did the boho babe manage to remove so many tattoos? No, it wasn’t the work of hours of laser removal but the incredible job of celebrity makeup artist Tyson Fountaine. Jackson wanted the elegant dress to make a statement, and felt it would do that without her mountains of ink.

The products used

With eighty tattoos to hide, Fountaine wasn’t in for an easy task. Jackson posted a timelapse of the whole getting ready process, and we can see the effort it took to say goodbye to so much ink. The whole process ended up being about five (time consuming) steps. 

But enough about the who, what about the how? Thanks to a clever partnership with CoverFX, Fountaine created a flawless look. PSA: CoverFX is not the easiest to get our mitts on here in Australia. And we’re not trying to be dramatic but we'd go down some dodgy alleyways to get our hands on that level of coverage so we’ll patiently wait for it to ship from the US. While we wait for it to arrive, we guess we’ll read all about it and envy Jackson’s look from afar. 

Fountaine started the process by covering her skin with the CoverFX Gripping Primer ($42 at CoverFX) to ensure the makeup would stay put. He then went in with a layer of the CoverFX Power Play Liquid Foundation ($44 at CoverFX), and followed it up with the ultimate high-coverage foundation, CoverFX Total Cover Cream Foundation ($44 at CoverFX). For the ink that was significantly darker than most, Fountaine needed to colour correct to be able to completely hide them. Using the CoverFX Colour Correct Stick in ‘Flame’ ($34 at CoverFX) he was able to cut away some of the shadowing. Because her whole body was now coated in layers of makeup while wearing a couture gown, Fountaine needed to set the look to avoid pesky transfers. But of course for the absolute long-wearing nature that was needed, Fountaine used two different strategies to set it in place. He started off with a traditional powder (CoverFX Pressed Mineral Foundation- $42 at CoverFX) to set the look (and for an extra layer of coverage), then he finished it all off with a good few spritzes of CoverFX High Performance Setting Spray ($33 at CoverFX)

And just like that, Paris Jackson was completely void of her signature tattoos. And we were left with a new foundation recommendation we must get our hands on… 

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