Sabrina Carpenter's 'Please Please Please' lippy hails from Prada Beauty

And their entire offering is equally as stellar

June 07 2024

The Prada Beauty collection

Prada has forayed into skin care with an uber luxurious ‘Augmented Skin’ trio. 

On top of the luxe list is the Augmented Skin The Cream ($515 at Harrods, $515 at Selfridges). Described as a gel-to-balm cream, the formula is said to adapt to your skin in real time, via their Smart Technology™. 

The Augmented Skin The Serum ($348 at Harrods) and Augmented Skin The Essence ($205 at Selfridges) round out their skin offerings.

Prada Beauty also welcomes the Reveal Skin Optimising Foundation ($93 at Harrods). Touting a medium coverage and luminous finish, the formula also includes vitamins C and E to nourish the skin when applied.

Lip and eye colours also enter the scene, with six quad Prada Dimensions palettes ($122 at Harrods) and an array of lipstick shades. Shades are available in the Hyper Matte formula ($73 each at Selfridges, $74 each at Harrods) while the remaining are available in the Soft Matte formula ($73 each at Selfridges).

Sabrina Carpenter's 'Please Please Please' music video Prada lipstick

And if you're a Sabrina Carpenter makeup look fan (AKA you have a pulse in the year 2024), you might've spied a certain Prada beauty bullet starring alongside the singer in her (already iconic) 'Please Please Please' music video.

Our BEAUTYcrew sleuths can report that it appears to be none other than the new Prada Beauty Lip Balm in Astral Pink. The exact shade isn't available to shop yet in the bullet (you best bet we'll alert you when it is), but for now you can nab Carpenter's colour in refill form with the Prada Beauty Lip Balm Refill ($59 at Harrods) and slot it into the Prada Beauty Lip Balm in any other colour as soon as you've used that shade up ($74 at Harrods).

After all, any lip balm Carpenter would count among her crucial 'belongings' (IYKYK) is one we need in our beauty bags pronto. Don't let the ice blue shade scare you off either; the balm harnesses the powers of micro-blushing technology to adapt to the pH of your lips, delivering a bespoke rosy glow just for you. Well played, Prada Beauty.

Sabrina Carpenter/Island Records/YouTube


Main image credit: @pradabeauty/Island Records

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