These celebrity-approved press on nails are stocked at your local Priceline

There's a style for every possible occasion

Beauty Crew Beauty Editor / April 16 2024

As far as celebrity manicures are concerned, very rarely are we actually able to achieve the look for less. But as it turns out, the means to recreate America Ferrera's Oscars manicure has been (ironically) within reach for any Australian with access to Priceline's website. 

Unlike her Barbie co-star Margot Robbie, who's Oscars manicure cost a whopping $1,978, Ferrera's fingers were topped with a set of drugstore press on nails from the brand Kiss. 

The brand has the exclusive honour as being the one and only press on nail sold at Priceline and a press on nail kit will probably only set you back around $20. 

Although the exact style of nails Ferrera wore to the Oscars aren't on sale in Australia right now (the almond-shaped pale pink set is called the 'Gloria'), you can cop some similar looking sets at the discount chemist. Ahead, you'll find the best press on nails at Priceline for the job...

2024's Top 3 Press On Nails At Priceline

1. Kiss Salon Acrylic Nude French Nails in 'Breathtaking', $19.99, Priceline
2. Kiss Bare But Better Nails Nude Medium Kit in 'Nude Nude', $19.99, Priceline
3. Kiss 100 Nails Active Oval 1 Kit, $15.99, Priceline

Kiss Salon Acrylic Nude French Nails in 'Breathtaking'
from $19.99 at Priceline

In case you hadn't heard, the American manicure is similar to a French manicure, except instead of the stark contrast of a traditional white-tipped nail and a nude nail plate the American manicure has a subtly accented pale nude nail tip that's just one or two shades lighter than the nail plate. 

Key features:

As strong as in-salon acrylics
Thinner at the cuticle for a seamless finish
Includes 20 press on nails, nail glue, nail file and a cuticle stick

Available at:

Kiss Bare But Better Nails Nude Medium Kit in 'Nude Nude'
from $19.99 at Priceline

We love this pink chrome ombre effect as an alternative to a traditional pinky nude press on nail. This set is of a medium length for a bit of added drama without impeding your ability to carry out daily tasks like touch typing on your computer keyboard on your designated office days. 

Key features:

Sculpted nail shape
Nails are sized by number and are numbered underneath the nail for easy application
Includes 28 nails, nail glue, nail file and cuticle stick

Available at:

Kiss 100 Nails Active Oval 1 Kit
from $15.99 at Priceline

If you've already got the perfect nail polish shade picked out, but just need a little help in terms of length, then why not try one of these unpainted oval-shaped press on nails? There's 100 nail pieces in the kit so you can create up to five sets of personalised nails from the comfort of your own home. 

Key features:

Includes 100 unpainted nails and nail glue
Ten nail sizes which are numbered for easy application
Can be used to create up to five sets of nail looks

Available at:

How long do press on nails last?

Press on nails typically last between 10 to 14 days after application depending on lifestyle factors and the glue used. If you're looking to cop some nail glue while you're at Priceline the Kiss PowerFlex Nail Glue Brush-On ($10.99 from Priceline) is the top-rated option available at the chemist retailer. It has a flexible formula that promises long-lasting hold and it can be applied like a nail polish. But you can also extend the life of your press on nails by minimising contact with warm or hot water (which can wear down the glue) and making sure you are gentle on your digits (read: heavy lifting is a no-no). 

Main image credit: @kissproducts

Priceline may be THE spot for A-list approved press on nails, but Chemist Warehouse is the best place to buy nail polish.

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