Prince Harry fixing Meghan Markle’s hair is actual goals

Prince Harry fixes Meghan Markle's hair

It’s pretty much the cutest thing we’ve *ever* seen

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / September 24 2018

You know you’ve snagged yourself ‘The One’ when your significant other saves you from an impending beauty disaster. 

Prince Harry was caught on camera helping fix Meghan Markle’s hair after the wind messed it up at a recent event outside of Kensington Palace. And it’s quite possibly the cutest thing *ever*.


“When you just have to flatten down the wife’s hair on a windy day…” captioned Royal reporter Chris Ship, who caught the whole glorious moment on camera.

We’ve all been there. There’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror and congratulating yourself on your damn fine hair, before walking out to have it swirled into an absolute frizzy/fly-away mess by a giant gust of wind. Especially when you’ve just spent way too long meticulously styling your mane

So what is one to do if they don’t have a charming hair-fixing Prince on hand to smooth down their crazy hair? Well, luckily there are some stellar hair products out there that can provide the same assistance!

If you struggle with fly-aways or frizzy hair, or just want to keep your ‘do in check, we recommend reaching for a good hairspray that’ll *actually* work, without making your locks feel all crunchy and gross. And yes, there are such hairsprays out there!

Some of our faves are KMS Hair Stay Working Hairspray, Garnier Fructis Style – Mega Strong Hairspray and TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Ultra Brushable Hairspray.

If you want to suss out some of Meghan Markle’s beauty tricks, check out her secret tool for glowing skin.

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