AERIN Amber Musk Soap

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AERIN Amber Musk Soap is a nourishing bar soap scented with Aerin’s Amber Musk fragrance. The formula works to cleanse skin of dirt and impurities, while leaving behind a light blend of floral, amber and musk scents.


AERIN Amber Musk Soap


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I love estee lauder products and their scent range. I was lucky enough to receive this soap as a gift, it is quite picey and I would never spend this much money on a bar of soap for myself, however, receiving it as a gift was so lovely as the soap is divine. Its so decadent and smells amazing, vanilla, musk and amber. The scent is quite strong and really high quality and it lingers for ages after using it. It leaves my skin so clean and soft and smooth, its really hydrating and nourishing. The packaging is so pretty, it looks and feels luxe. The soap lathers beautifully and it actually lasts for quite a while, so even though its expensive its a long lasting product. I adored this soap and would highly recommend it.
This was a gift as I would never have considered paying so much for a soap - I might now Aerin is the baby sister of Estee Lauder from what I understand and appears to be a bit of an underdog that not many people notice.  Their fragrances always caught my attention but not enough to really consider them strongly. After being given this as a gift, I was really pleased. It looks so beautiful and it was hard to use because the smell was strong and luxurious. For the first month I left it in my clothing drawer and it scented them so well! (useful tip if you have a lot of fragrant soaps)  When I finally got round to using it I was blown away. It lathers well but unlike a lot of bar soaps it is not stripping, drying or irritating. It leaves your skin comfortably clean and soft. The smell also lingers beautifully and almost acts a bit like a perfume. It is subtle and fades after a while but for a good time after my shower I could smell it around me. My partner even complimented it! The bar is lasting quite a while, several months and only just noticing the size changing. Beautiful gift for yourself or someone else!