AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle Body Wash

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AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle Body Wash is a luxurious body wash scented with Aerin’s Mediterranean Honeysuckle fragrance. The body wash refreshes skin, leaving it thoroughly cleansed yet soft, and scented with hints of sweet honeysuckle and sparkling grapefruit.


AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle Body Wash


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Beauty starts every day for me by stepping into my shower and nourishing and pampering myself with the finest body gels, shampoos, conditioners and body moisturisers I can, and it just goes on from there. The shower is my personal sanctuary, where I nourish and protect my hair and body, so I can have a great hair day and soft, smooth, glowing skin from top to toe. My shower caddy is packed full of body washes, scrubs, moisturisers,as well as shampoos, conditioners and masks, from all sorts of different brands such as Garnier, Loreal Paris, Shu Uemera and Aerin Lauder, and this mediterranean honeysuckle body wash. This recent, but much loved addition, is everything I look for in a body care product, in terms of texture, quality, scent and packaging, plus the instant and long term results it gives me. I am a sucker for pretty packaging, so that's one box ticked. Next is the scent of the product will determine whether I make the purchase or not, and the heady, strong, floral and feminine scent of honeysuckle, so sweet and girly, plus the lesser note of smokey grapefruit, which is unique and sharp and fresh, hooked me immediately, so another box ticked. I stepped under the warm spray of my shower the next day, and after attending to my hair needs, I squeezed a small amount of this body wash onto my shower puff and massaged over my entire body in small, circular movements starting at my ankles and working upwards, then rinsed thoroughly, stepped out of the shower and moisturised my still damp skin, before moving onto the next stages of my regime. The quality and texture of this shower gel was unbelievably good, so those last boxes well and truly ticked. My skin was left soft, smooth, hydrated and gently radiating a soft glow. The gorgeous scent of honeysuckle and smokey grapefruit lingered and lingered all day and night long, with no need for added perfume or even body lotion. The more I use it, the more improved the condition of my skin seems to get. $65 to pay for a product that delivers in terms of quality, texture and packaging, and long term and instant results, is always worth it. I love this body wash so much, and it sits in my shower caddy so prettily and happily next to my Aerin Lauder Rose body wash, ready to serve my skin and senses every day. Beauty is skin deep, it begins in the shower, and with a collection of body care products that deliver on quality, quantity, effects and packaging means you are well on your way to radiating waves of power, confidence and happiness that only pure beauty gives you.
A girlfriend very kindly gave me this on a recent hospital stay.  It was just wonderful to start the day with this uplifting body wash.  Lifts the spirits as well as giving beautifully soft skin.