Australis 4-in-1 Concealer Corrector Palette

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Australis 4-in-1 Concealer Corrector Palette is a multi-tasking correcting concealer palette. The skin-perfecting shades provide customisable coverage to help erase redness, blemishes, dark circles and uneven skin tone by blending a mixture of green, purple and skin-coloured concealers. The formula contains vitamin E to help moisturise skin, while the smooth and easy to apply texture allows for buildable coverage that suits any skin tone. Comes with a built-in mirror.


Australis 4-in-1 Concealer Corrector Palette


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This product is good but not great. I found that it did work for me if i used a lot of it. It is thick and has a waxy texture which made it hard to blend. I bought this for dark spots underway eyes, dark circles and redness around my nose and chin. The two natural skin tone shades didn't really work well for my skin tone. the green shade worked the best for the redness i have but did take a while to apply and blend. the purple shade didn't really help much with my dark circles.  Pros are the compact palette it comes in, and has a mirror, so would be great for travelling. Cons is that it is so thick and the skin tone colours would only suit some skin tones. I don't think i would recommend this to anyone. i would actually recommend trying colour corretor pallets before you buy and making sure each colour suits your skin. 
This handy little compact contains four shades of concealer - two shades of skin tone, one purple for dark circles and one green for redness. Despite it's small size, it packs quite a lot of product as there is a hinged insert inside that flips up, giving you two shades on it and two shades at the base of the compact. There's also a great mirror in it for touch-ups on the go. I'm not the sort of person that wears much make-up or concealer, but having easy access to both purple and green shades to tone down problem areas under the eyes (dark circles ugh!) or redness around the nose is really useful. The skin tones contain one light and one dark shade of beige - the light one verging towards a medium tone. If you have a favourite concealer you've colour matched to your skin, I'd suggest using that. Though if you're lucky and one matches your skin then that's a big plus. The usefulness of having a 2-in-1 for dark circles and redness alone makes the compact worth it. Having said that, the reason this doesn't warrant 5 stars is because of the formula of the concealer itself. Both the purple and green work well, blend into problem areas and have decent coverage - BUT - the texture is quite sticky. Luckily it doesn't matter too much, as it still dabs and blends well, but if you don't like sticky make-up or the feeling of filmy residue then maybe give this a miss. Pros: Handy compact, 4 shades (including 2 for specialist problem areas), low price, Australis is a reputable brand that doesn't test on animals Cons: Sticky formula, may leave residue/film on skin