Australis AC On Tour Powder Contouring & Highlighting Palette

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Australis AC On Tour Powder Contouring & Highlighting Palette is a makeup palette with six powders designed to contour and highlight the face. It helps provide a natural, healthy glow for any skin tone with a contouring trio and a highlighting trio. Comes with step-by-step instructions on the back of the palette. 

Available in four shades.


Australis AC On Tour Powder Contouring & Highlighting Palette


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If Australis single out the cool contour shade then I would give it a 5 stars! However the rest of the palette is not something I would pay for. I have asian fair/light yellow undertone and it is very hard to find a cool tone for contouring. But I would reach out for this palette just to use this cool tone shade they have in this palette.
HIT AND MISS pallet... certain shades from this pallet I love, some have got me a bit confused and one broke on me so i didn't get to try it unfortunately :( I currently have the medium pallet and have to say I'm all about the contouring shades to choose from. The shades are a bit more on the gray side which i prefer on my skin more than orange because i get more of a sculpted look. The bronzing shade broke when i opened the pallet so I can't say much about it. As for the formula... you do need to dip your brush in a couple of times to get product on the brush. It goes on the skin pretty well and i find it okay to blend but it can be a bit chalky feeling. I usually apply to powder ontop of a cream contour which makes it stick and set to the skin which helps me get that sculpted look.  The banana powder is also a big fave for me as I'm sure it is for many people. It really brightens up the under eyes and helps set the concealer BUT once again, the formula can feel a bit chalky after a while. I got a bit confused with the highlighting shade because it was the medium skin colour pallet and the highlighter shade is pink/white with glitter in it... it doesn't look the best for my skin tone but i make use of it and use it in the inner corner of my eyes to give it a pop.  All in all, i went looking for a pallet specifically for contouring and for the price point, it does the job. I'm still on the hunt for another contouring pallet but in the mean time i will continue using this one. 
Really good palette for fair skin but there is a slim range of skin tones that this would suit. I love the banana colour for under my eyes, the rosey one for a very natural blush and to even out my skin, and the middle dark one as a contour. I wouldn't use this entirely as a contour palette, but I use it for eyeshadow as well. Great natural look for a very affordable price
Australis products can be a bit hit or miss and unfortunately this one was a miss for me.  The kit provides a good shade range for contouring and highlighting but unfortunately the shades do not blend well making them very hard to use.  The standout shade is the banana powder which works well under the eyes to brighten dark circles however you could just purchase this product as a single as the rest of the shades aren't really usable in my opinion.
I was super excited when the AC ON TOUR palette came out (punny name by the way), as Anastasia Contour kit first came out and this seemed like an awesome affordable alternative. It has three contour shades, a light warm, cool medium and deeper warm brown shades on the bottom row, and highlighting shades in the top row, a shimmery highlight, a banana powder and a pale matte highlighter. On the back of the palette there is instructions on how to apply the shades if you are not familiar with contouring. The contour shades are very pigmented and it's a bit of a learning curve with using them, at first I was applying way too much product and it looked awful. I learnt that if I went in with a lighter hand it was much better. If you have used the 'Australis fresh and flawless powder' it is similar to that, it is quite powdery with very buildable coverage. It is very easy to look muddy when you wear these shades and it takes quite a bit of work to blend them out. The banana powder is meant to have a brightening effect under the eye but I think my skintone is too pale for it to have this effect. The highlighter was nice, but nothing too special. Australis has now came out with a few more shades in the range, lighter than light, light, medium and dark which is great! I think if I were to try the newer released lighter than light I might have better results. One of the problems I have with these kits is that they aren't really suited to the buyer - noone that purchases this product is going to be able to use every shade in the palette so alot of the product is wasted. My skin tone only suited one of the contour shades, and only two of the highlighter shades on top so at maximum I was only able to make use of half of the palette. I mean for the price it's not a big deal... but I would rather put my money towards a higher quality contour and highlight shade. I really love Australis however for bringing more trendy items to the drugstore and excited to see what products they bring out in the future, but for me this palette was a total miss for me.
This is a very nice cool toned palette for contouring. I have pale/olive skin, blonde hair, yellow toned skin but red acne scaring, and i use the shade light. You have to have a light hand with the contour darker colours because it can look very dirty on your face and it is hard to blend out after that mistake has been made. The yellow 'banana powder' in this palette is fantastic. The two highlighting colours either side are fine, not really sure what to use them for because they never show up on my face. Good product overall for the price, not amazing, but does the job
I like this pallet is a good brand and affordable In have a fair/medium complexion and if you follow a make up routine moisture, prime,conceal,foundation and some people translucent powder and then contour to highlight and wake up your face like you have been slightly sun kissed.
I bought the AC on tour kit when it was first released a couple of years ago. Back then it only had one variety, which has become the standard 'Light' option in the range. Australis has since released "Medium', 'Dark' and 'Lighter than light' - which is great as most people should be able to find a match. My review will be for the original 'Light' option. The contour kit (bought a couple of years ago) didn't have a mirror, but I think the new versions do include a mirror. The contour kit includes 3 highlighting shades and 3 contouring shades with different undertones - do bear in mind that most people won't be able to use every simple shade within a contour kit like this. There are bound to be shades that you won't use. The only shade I really reach for is the banana powder (which is brilliant, I have stocked up since Australis realized the standalone banana powder). The first highlighting shade is almost a matte pink-undertoned highlighting shade, the texture and colour is almost the same as the Australis Fresh and Flawless powder. I could use it on my T-zone, but that's about it. The banana powder is fantastic to put under eye area after using liquid foundation, it really brightens the area. The third highlighting shade is quite shimmery and looks too cool on my skin tone. The 3 contouring shades are very pigmented and you have to be very careful and try not to pick up too much. I find it hard to use when I use liquid foundation, even after setting my face with translucent powder. If I use mineral foundation, it will make it easier to blend. One tip for everyone is that if you can't use all 3 contouring shades, you could use them as eyeshadow shades so that nothing is wasted! All 6 powders are not finely-milled. Lasting power is OK, but nothing mind-blowing. Overall it's a nice, affordable product if you want to experiment with contouring. I wouldn't re-purchase this after I eventually use this up, but I would buy the standalone banana powder again and again!
I am a little on the fence with this product at times, there is so much I love about it, but equally so much I don't like about it.  The palette design is great, very sleek and has a giant mirror in the lid.  Inside there are 6 shades, 3 for highlighting and 3 for contouring.  I have the Light Complexion kit and for me the top row is great, I love it, but the bottom row has issues.  Top row you have your banana shade (great for setting the under eye area), a flat pink and a shimmery pink.  Love all of these, especially the shimmery pink.  The flat pink I don't have much use for.  The bottom row starts with a very warm tone brown (I think this is more of a bronzer) then the grey-brown contour shade (which I love but must use a very light hand with) then the last another warmer toned but deep brown.  The first and last browns I cannot use, they are chalky and muddy and just won't blend.  The middle brown is use-able, but you must be pretty light-handed with  Lucky now the two most used shades for me (the shimmer pink and the banana shade) are now released as singles and you can get a mini travel version of the top three shades too so I don't plan on buying this palette again as the flat pink and the two browns get very little use.  Overall it is a good beginner set and the mirror is handy when traveling.
This feels nice to apply onto your face, and looks nice when applied properly.  The darker shades I find hard to blend but I am heavy handed so it just may need a more gentle application.  I had heard great things about this palette so initially I was a little disappointed when I found it not so easy to blend well but I do think it is still good value for money.  I'd recommend it to those who know what they're doing when it comes to contouring!  
I bought this palette when it was on sale so it was really good for the price. I didn't fall in love with it because it is too pigmented for me to use and it was hard to blend away if you used too much. you need a really light hand. Also the banana powder didn't show up on me at all.
The Palette has nice strong black packing with mirror. It is big enough and contain a decent amount of products. All shades are creamy and buttery, and they are easy to apply. All shades are highly pigmented and only one swipe is enough to show the colour. The top row shades are actually my favourite, they are used to achieve perfect illuminating face. The three shades on the bottom are dark, more powdery and look little bit patchy on application. While I have seen that colour pay off is also different on different skin tones. In the bottom row shades, only middle one is suitable for me as countouring powder, it looks dark on my light skin tone but I apply very little amount. I used it in many different ways and found that this product can be used as Face powder, Eye shadows, Brow powder.  First one shade in top row is same to my skin colour and perfectly works as face powder. To cover under eyes, shade No2 banana powder  can be used as concealer . For strobing shade No 3 can be used as highlighting and illuminating effect. In the bottom row different shades of brown can be used as matte eye shadows and very dark brown colour can be used as brow powder. Overall, I love the top row three shades but the dark shades are not very impressive, but still workable. For the price, I must say that quality is very good, It is all in one palette. It will not affect your budget and it is very convenient to use a single product in different ways. I recommend it for every one, but it will not work for those who have very dry skin or have very fair complexion.