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Australis Banana Powder is a yellow toned powder that suits almost every skin tone. It works to banish any under-eye dark circles and colour correct redness. Can be used on specific areas such as under the eyes and on the forehead, bridge of the nose and chin, or over the entire face as a matte finishing powder. 


Australis Banana Powder


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Olive-friendly soft yellow powder

I have a light warm olive skin tone that looks quite yellow. I'm always on the look out for yellow toned powders, as my skin tone more yellow than most foundations on the market, including 'warm' ones. This powder often helps to tweak a foundation that is still pulls slightly pink on me by adjusting it slightly. The colour is a soft yellow but not scary-bright-neon yellow like some tone correcting powders are. It makes my skin tone look natural and more even, sets my foundation and doesn't settle into creases. It has a matte finish. This is in pressed powder format, it doesn't come with a applicator puff/sponge but I prefer to use a powder brush anyway. The packaging is plastic and just functional, but the product itself is great and very reasonably priced. I'm glad I also grabbed a mini size of this product when it was available, it's so good for traveling. I hope Australis never discontinues this.

Great Product

I purchased this powder late last year and was eager to give it a go over the holiday season. I found that the colour is a little too yellow for my skin complexion so I gave it to my daughter and she loves it. It goes on easily and is great value for money.
I use this with every single makeup application. I apply it under the eyes to help reduce and bags I have. It is a bright yellow colour which shows a little on my light skin tone but it can be blended out. It doesn’t crease my concealer and lasts all day and night. It’s not cakey at all and is super affordable and often goes on sale.
I bought this product when it was on special as I had heard so many excellent reviews and wanted to try it for myself.  It is a light powder that definitely applies easily and has a mild brightening effect when used as a really (really) light dusting under the eyes with a fluffy brush.  I think I may have hyped this product up in my mind a little too much as I only thought it was OK in terms of its effectiveness and then didn't end up using it because I have other products in my collection that work so much better in the same application.  I have ageing, combination skin so I feel like this product may be an excellent addition to the makeup collection of those with a more youthful commplexion.
This is a really great product that does exactly what it states to do. It works well as a matifying finishing powder (so is good for oily skin in this sense) but also colour corrects, which is why it is great to use under your eyes. It doesn't clog pores or dry out the skin, but effectively keeps your makeup in place. I would recommend this product for all skin types- it's a really attractive price and the product itself lasts a long time (as only a little is needed). I will definitely be repurchasing.
Australis once again outdoes higher end brands. This was my favourite shade out of the original AC on tour palette and for good reason! I always use this to set my under eyes and the yellow pigment immediately brightens the area without looking too obvious. I have an ivory skin tone for reference. A little goes a long way and I have found it doesn't produce flashback in photos too so it's perfect for a night out or event.
I purchased this powder as I had read good reviews and for the price decided to give it a try. Banana powder is meant to provide a brightening effect and help set make up and this definitely delivers on that aim. It is good for setting under eye make up but you need a soft hand and big brush as it can become cakey if not applied sparingly and with care, as with all base products build up as you need. The brightening is good and the powder is quite fine for the price and a good addition to any kit.
A very convenient product to throw in your bag when you're on the go. My eyes tend to water during the Spring and Summer months. Despite this, I still can't give up makeup. When I touch up my concealer under my eyes throughout the day I always use this powder on top to look it down. Be careul, it can get cakey really fast - use a light hand and fluffy brush!
This is great powder to brighten up the eye area. I have really bad dark circles due to late night assignments. I usually use this on top of my concealer and it work effectively in terms of brightening up the whole eye area. It applies smoothly on the skin and not to yellow. Sometimes I even use it to set my whole face if I think my complexion is dull that day. The only cons I could think of is it has quite a bit of fall out, but just lightly tap your brush to get get rid on the excess powder and it won't cake up your makeup. I think it's such a great product for a very friendly price tag and it lasts for ages. Definitely recommend it for everyone and I will repurchased once I finished mine.
I first bought this beacuse I had heard so many great reviews on the product. I love using this powder to set and brighten my under eyes. I find it can sometimes be a bit powdery and yellow. Would stil definetly recommend it to use to cover those dark circles!
Banana powder certainly is the "it" product that all beauty lovers must have!  It's a versatile powder that I use just about everyday.  Don't let the name throw you off.  I was thoroughly confused as well, thinking it had something to do with bananas when in reality it's called banana powder because of its yellow colour.  The yellow colour isn't as pigmented as what you see in the packaging so it won't actually appear yellow on the face but a bit lighter.  The yellow colour is universal for all skin types.  It has that specific colour to cancel out redness and dark circles without looking fake or too noticeable.  As my skin tends to have more pink tones I was worried it wouldn't match but safe to say it worked extremely well! The reason I decided to go with the Australis Banana powder was because it was affordable, it came in a compact which made it easy to use and without any wastage and it was cruelty free! The brand did an amazing job to create such a beautiful powder that was soft, went on effortlessly and didn't cake the skin.  I have used the banana powder for lots of different things.  One of the first things I used it for was covering the redness around my cheeks, chin and nose.  Even with wearing foundation the redness still appears so I use my powder brush, sweep it over the banana powder and swirl it around the affected areas.  The yellow helps cancel out the redness and makes it much less noticeable so my skin looks even.  The second thing I use the banana powder for is under my eyes.  After applying my concealer I set it with the banana powder to help conceal the dark circles while preventing any creasing with concealer.  It makes my eyes look much more awake and brighter (and a lot less tired!).  The third I also use it for is very subtle contouring.  I use it on the bridge of my nose, forehead and chin to slim and sculpt my face but in a natural way.  The fourth way is as an overall face powder to set my makeup.  It helps my makeup stay in place, keeping it matte (but non drying) while increasing the longevity of my makeup.  It has done everything it was supposed to without fail.  There's no reason to shell out loads of cash when you can get the amazingly easy, hard working and multitasking product like the banana powder to do the job of several products.   Tip: I use the powder on my eyelids after priming to create a matte, even canvas for my eyeshadow to keep the colours bright and long lasting.  
Bought this to try because it was on special but will definitely buy again. I used it on my nose and under my eyes (i have a 4 month old so i have a lot of bags under my eyes) and this made me look a lot less tired (didn't think that was possible at the moment). I love it
I bought this powder to set my makeup and give me a nice matte finish over foundation. This works really well to colour correct and diminish shine. It feels nice and light over foundation and helps cover imperfections. It absorbs oil on the t zone of my face really well and its also a great price. This product is great for anyone with slightly oily skin who loves to use a powder as its not too heavy, a great product at a great price
I use this powder mostly as a basic concealer when I don't need too much coverage. I reach for it most when I have redness, especially around my nose after a cold or allergies, which conceals any redness flawlessly. It is easily blendable and works on my pale skin perfectly. I initially bought this product for my sometimes horrific dark circles under my eyes, unfortunately, it didn't work very well concealing those, but it works perfectly for me when I want to conceal redness.  Having used this product for a few months now I am disappointed with the packaging. The lid has fallen off and is cracking, despite never leaving my apartment. I think the size should be smaller if the packaging isn't going to go the distance and last the months it takes me to go through one pot.  I would recommend this product to anyone who has pale skin and wants to conceal redness but if you are looking for something to carry around in your handbag, find another product.
I saw this in my daughters very large makeup collection a few months ago, and not really knowing what I was doing, applied it above my cheek bones just under my eyes.  Incredibly it covered the dark rings I had under my eyes on that particular day.  I did use it daily after that as I discovered it is actually great to use all over my face for a great covering effect.  I now own my own and was so happy to find that it was only about $14.00!  It is now part of my every day makeup application.  Definitely a well earned five stars.
Sooo amazing transforms my dark black tired mum eyes and makes me look like I have had a full 8 hour sleep so easy to use and apply not cakey or powedery sits amazing
This is an essential item for any makeup kit! It is an affordable, multi-purpose product that really works! What more could you ask for? In addition, Australis is Australian made and cruelty free. This yellow powder does many amazing things. It helps correct redness, cover dark undereye circles, it can set makeup, and also conceal blemishes. I use this product for all the above. I suffer from redness and whilst my daily BB cream mostly even outs my skin tone, there is still red visible. I use this banana powder to cover the remaining redness and also set my makeup. It helps to keep concealer under my eyes in place and doesn't dry out the concealer. I also use this during the day to combat shine. It is non-comedogenic so my pores don't get clogged up with repeated use.  This powder definitely deserves all the praise it receives - it really works and really does it all. One recommendation I would make is to ensure your skin is thoroughly moisturised and primed as too much powder could be drying on your skin if you aren't prepped. I have oil-prone skin but on the days my skin isn't oily (most of winter) it can be a little drying if I haven't moisturised properly. That's pretty much a given with most powders though. I thoroughly recommend this product. It's so affordable and should be in everyone's handbag, makeup bag, car etc etc. A+
Australis are on the money with this yellow toned powder which is not only a way to buy an individual serve of the most popular shade from their contouring palette, but it is also a dupe for the bestselling Anastasia Beverley Hills one, which is far more expensive. Yellow tones power is suitable for all skin tones (believe it or not) and is actually the cornerstone of Bobbi Brown's entire foundation, concealer and powder range. It's taken a little while for the world to catch on and thankfully us Aussies now have a very affordable option that we can pick up at our local Priceline. The powder itself is smooth and doesn't apply cakey at all. It is very mattifying without being drying and I don't find it clings to dry patches under my eyes but it does a good job at controlling oil around my T-zone. I use this powder all over but it is most famously used to set concealer under the eyes and on top of highlighted areas (if using a cream highlight). I think Australis has done a great job with this dupe and it's a definite repurchase for me.